Oral sex is a great way to bring excitement and intimacy in your marriage. When a husband gives his wife oral, she has the opportunity to see him taking care of her. And, it is a great way for a wife to reach orgasm, especially if she isn’t able to through PIV sex. 

You can watch the video I created on oral sex below. In this article, I expand on what I talked about in the video. 

Here are my top 9 oral sex for a happy married life and a happy wife!

1. Communication About Oral Sex

As with everything I talk about on Love Hope Adventure, it all starts with communication. Very often, it has to happen before you get into the bedroom. If you’re not comfortable talking about sex, you probably won’t be comfortable giving directions or receiving directions during sex. 

It’s very important that a husband and wife have open communication during oral sex. If the wife needs her husband to use a different motion, pace, or change positions, she needs to have the confidence to do so. 

2. Start Slow and Work Your Way Up

Since oral sex is so stimulating, you will need to start slow and work your way up. This means you should use soft licking motions or kissing motions until she starts to respond positively. Tell her to let you know if you’re overstimulating her or need you to do something different.

When she starts getting into it, you can try other motions with your tongue, lips, or fingers. The minute you find something she’s really responding to, keep doing it for a bit before trying something else. 

3. Techniques

One of the great things about giving your wife oral is that you have the opportunity to try several different techniques to see how she responds. Here are a few things you can do: 

Soft Tongue

At any point during oral, you can make your tongue soft and gently lick across her clitoris or other parts of her vagina. A soft tongue is a great place to start, but can also be used to tease her after she’s gotten aroused. To do this, just let your tongue rest on your teeth and use your head to move your tongue by going up and down. 

Flat Tongue

Flatten out your tongue and push it onto her clitoris. You can do an up and down licking motion, side to side, or in circles. A flat tongue can be great at the start to help her get excited. It can also be used to apply a lot of pressure once she’s gotten really aroused. 

Pointed Tongue

If you are going to use a pointed tongue before she gets really aroused, do it gently and without much pressure. The more excited she gets, the harder you can make your tongue, and the more pressure you can apply. Try small licking motions on the tip of her clitoris. Back off if she starts getting over-stimulated. It can be a good technique to do in short bursts and then mixed with a softer motion.

Use Your Lips

Early in oral sex, your lips can be used to kiss her and start the arousal process. You can move up to the type of kisses you would give her if you were making out with her. Use your tongue the same way as you would if you were french kissing. 

Also, your lips can be used to stimulate her clitoris by rubbing them across her back and forth or up and down. Try soft lips and move up to puckering to change up the type of stimulation you are giving her.

4. Expose The Clitoris 

Often time, the clitoris will hide when your wife starts getting aroused. Even though the rest of her vaginal area may swell, the clitoris has to be exposed. You can do this several ways: 

  • Pull back the hood of the clitoris
  • Have her pull up on outer lips of her vagina
  • Put her in a position where she can arch her back
  • Spread apart her butt cheeks

Since this will allow for greater stimulation, you’ll want to wait until she’s very aroused to do this. Otherwise, it may be over-stimulating and actually hurt. 

5. Have Her Arch Her Back or Bring Her Knees to Her Chest

When your wife is getting close, put her in a position where she can arch her back or put her knees to her chest. Both of these types of positions will help her clitoris get into the right position so she can get the stimulation needed to orgasm. I will give you several positions to try later on in this article. 

6. Use Mirrors or Camera

If your wife will let you, this is a perfect opportunity to create a sexual memory. A woman can really benefit from visualizing sex with their husband while she is getting close to orgasm. When she reaches a point that it’s feeling good enough for her to climax, she can close her eyes and visualize you giving her oral sex. This can help her in the moment as well as for future sexual encounters with you. 

You can hang a mirror in your room that you is in line with the bed if this is something she enjoys. Hand-held mirrors or even the camera on your phone can be a good way to see what’s going on. 

If you are going to take pictures or videos, I recommend you use the Just Between Us App. It’s password-protected and allows you to do short video clips as well as pictures. I know the creator of this app and I know it is highly encrypted so your videos/images aren’t going to be exposed.

7. Insert Fingers or Toy

To heighten the experience, a husband can insert his fingers or a toy into her vagina. Even if he isn’t able to move his fingers around or the toy, it can create a more stimulating experience for her. If you are able to move in and out, start slow and work your way up.

If you are going to use a toy, check out this traditional vibrator that can be inserted into the vagina during oral sex. 

8. Female Oral Sex Positions

Your wife might want to start out one way with oral sex and change up the position. Here are a few of the top oral sex positions that you can try with her. All of these oral sex positions come from Christian Friendly Sex Positions, a porn-free website that illustrates positions tastefully. 

Feast Cunnilingus Position

In this position, the wife brings her knees up to her chest. This is a good position because it helps her to spread out the labia and expose more of her clitoris. Read the full description here.

Riding The South Face Cunnilingus Position

The wife gets on all fours in this one and straddles her husband’s face. She can easily arch her back as well as control the stimulation by getting closer or further away from her husband’s face. Read more here. Or you can check out the Blazing Saddles position, which is a lot like this one.

Divine Incline Cunnilingus Position

This oral sex position allows a wife to raise her butt and expose more of her clitoris. It helps her to get in the right position to receive the stimulation needed to orgasm through oral sex. You can use several pillows or a liberator wedge to achieve this. Read the full description here

Riding The North Face Cunnilingus Position

A wife gets on her husband’s face and instead of leaning forward like in a doggie position, she leans back. This will perfectly pull the hood of the clitoris up and allow the husband to stimulate her. He can also put his fingers or a toy inside of her in this position. Read the full description here

9. Do The Same Thing Until She Orgasms

Once your wife reaches a point where she’s close to orgasming, you will need to do the same motion until she gets there. Don’t stop, change rhythms or pull away. Otherwise, it can kill it for her. Women usually reach a point of stimulation where they need the same motion and pace to orgasm. 

Hopefully, these oral sex tips will help you have a happy married life. When your wife is able to consistently reach orgasm one way or another, she’s going to be more interested in sex. Don’t be discouraged if she isn’t able to reach orgasm right away. It can take time for a woman to learn how to orgasm through different types of stimulation. 

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