Orgasm Tips For Wives

This morning I was recording a podcast with my friend Belah Rose from the Delight Your Marriage Podcast. She brought me on to talk about tips to help women orgasm. I’ve got tips for wives and husbands to help their wives.

Here’s what I shared with her-

A woman has to get in the right angle for stimulation to her clitirous to feel good. This is why many women respond better to manual stimulation, oral, or sex toys. They are able to get in the right position. This is also why many women enjoy the woman on top sex position, because it allows their clitirous to be exposed.

Expose Your Clitirous

Since there is a hood that covers over their clitirous, they have to tilt their hips back in order to expose those nerve endings.

Sheila from To Love Honor and Vacuum suggests that women squeeze their butt to get the right angle. This is a great piece of advice.

Other things a wife can do to get their clitirous in the right position can include:

  • Arch her back
  • Lift her hips
  • Use her ab muscles to pull your clitirous up
  • Hang her head and shoulders off the bed while her husband is on top
  • Lift her head back
  • Use her fingers and open the lips of her vagina and pull her clitirous up (she don’t have to keep her hands there while having sex, but it can help her get in the right position)

These are all ways that a wife can expose those nerve endings. What she has to do, is to pull the hood out of the way of the nerve endings in the clitirous, so that she can become more aroused. The more aroused she gets, the more her clitirous will swell and stick out.


Start With Light Stimulation and Build

orgasm tips for wives

To get aroused, start with light stimulation. This goes for direct stimulation with fingers, mouth or toys, as well as intercourse. Too much too quickly can just irritate a wife’s clitirous instead of feeling good.

Husband, I know you want to do it fast and hard, but you have to build up to that. For it to feel good to your wife, she needs to start with light stimulation and then go harder. Ask her these questions specifically-

  • Do you want me to go slower?
  • Do you want me to go faster?
  • Is the position we are in doing anything for you?
  • Should I press against you harder?
  • Do I need to stop pushing as hard?

If you push on her clitirous too hard or go too fast before she is ready, it will kill the orgasm for her. Even if she is really into it, too much pressure will make it impossible for her to get to that point.

Husband to Stop Moving- Wife Move More

It can be hard for a husband to know the exact movements his wife needs to orgasm. If the husband isn’t doing the right things at the right moment, it will make it hard for the wife to reach climax.

For that reason, it can be a good idea for the husband to stop moving and the wife to control the movements. This can go for using fingers, tongue, toys, or intercourse.

Wife, you will need to move around and figure out what is feeling good to you. It won’t be the same motions every time you have sex. That is why you have to really listen to your body and move in ways that it feels good to you in that moment.

Use a Licking Motion With Your Clitirous

orgasm tips for wives

When the husband stops moving and the wife starts moving, she should use a licking motion with her clitirous. Not necessarily a back and forth type of motion, but more like licking an ice cream cone type of motion.

Rub your clitirous up the thing that your husband is using to stimulate you. Then break contact and move back down the thing to the place you started. Then, rub your clitirous back up. This can allow you to get the right amount of stimulation without over stimulating.

There may come a point where you are aroused enough or it is feeling good enough to rub your clitirous up and down the thing your husband is using to stimulate you. At least start with the licking motion until you get to that point.

Pull Your Clitirous Up While Licking

It is important that while a wife is doing this licking motion, that she pull her clitirous up. She should tighten that area as much as she can. For example, if her husband is using his finger, tongue, or vibrator, she should lean back and make an arch with her back. This will give the tension and angle she needs to climax.

Squeezing her butt can really help as well as contracting her abs. It is not uncommon to have soreness in these areas the next day from the amount of contracting she will do to have an orgasm.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move Around

When it comes to a wife and orgasms, she is going to have move around. A position may work one day, but not the next. In fact, a position may work one minute and not the next. Wife, be honest with your husband and tell him you need to move. It’s ok to tell him something he is doing isn’t working.

These are some of the tips that a husband and wife try to help the wife reach climax.

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  1. Thank you very much for the tips! By the way, please check the spelling, it’s spelled “clitoris” 🙂

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