Our Anniversary Date

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Our Anniversary Date

This past week, Austin and I went on our Anniversary Date. On June 7, we’ll have been married for 13 years. It has been a pretty crazy journey so far and more has happened in the last few years than I could imagine.

Since we had a place for all 3 of our boys to be, we decided to go out during the day. We both took the day off from work and headed up to Raleigh, NC.

GPS My City Walking Tour

Old House in Raleigh

I really love to walk around downtown areas and look at houses. Austin found a self-guided walking tour that was in an app. He found it on gpsmycity.com.

The app was ok, but didn’t work the way Austin hoped it would. It might not have done everything he hoped, but we did find some great places to walk to that we hadn’t seen before.

We ran out of time to do one of the house tours that we planned on. That is ok though, because we’ll go back and do it another day!

Conversation Starters With Austin and Keelie

Lunch in Raleigh

Some of you guys have asked me to bring Austin on Periscope with me. We decided that since we would have such a long date, we would have plenty of time to do a scope with you guys. The rest of the time, we stayed off of social media and our phones, but we did get on long enough to talk about conversation starters.

You can check out some of the questions we answered in this video.

I referenced a box of conversation starters that we like to use for our dates. You can check it out here: TABLETOPICS Original – 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Also, we talked about a book that we have used for conversation starters that you can find here: Love Talk Starters: 275 Questions to Get Your Conversations Going

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Austin Surprised Me With an Anniversary Gift

We don’t always give one another something for our anniversary. It is just surrounded by Mother’s and Father’s Day, Austin’s birthday, and two of our boy’s birthdays. So, many times, we do not buy each other gifts.

This year, Austin surprised me with this incredible Anniversary band. It is a wrap that my engagement ring sets inside of. I didn’t even know he had been looking!

Anniversary Ring

It was a great day, and we enjoyed our time together. Here’s a great wrap up video. 



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