How to Pack for Family Vacation Without Loosing Your Mind

The traveling season is upon us and it’s time to get the vacation packing underway. There are so many things cluttering the calendar, the counters, the floor, pretty much everywhere you look. With things piled on you, it would not be hard to pack yourself, the kids, and your spouse in the car, and forget all the luggage at the front door. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but you are likely to forget something along the way. Implementing some of these tips will get you on your way without as much stress.


Make a List of Travel Needs:


It seems like such a simple suggestion to make a list, but it is so important to make a list. Everything the needs to be done before you go out of town can be overwhelming. When it is all written down, you can check off the lists as you go. You will feel more at ease if you see your list completed.

You should have three different lists running:

What goes in the suitcases

This list should entail everything you pack in suitcases or extra bags, such as clothes, under clothes, shoes, toiletries, diapers, etc.

Miscellaneous items for the trip

This list encompasses all the extras, such as snacks, activities, cell phone, charger, camera, hair dryer, etc. You should write down everything you will use in the car and at your destination.

What needs to be done before you go out of town

On this list include all of the things that need to be accomplished before you walk out the door. Things such as: change thermostats, empty leftover food, lock doors, take out trash, cut off the coffee pot, etc.

At this point, you should add on any of the items or things you need to do. Make sure you write specific instructions so you don’t feel confused.

Sort Clothes For Vacation:


To make it easier to find your clothing when you arrive at your destination, come up with a packing system. Either stack all like clothing together, or stack clothing in outfits. Do whatever works best for you. This system may vary between the way you pack your clothing, and the way you back your own.


Make an Overnight Bag


For extra long trips that require an overnight stay on the way, it is best to pack a family overnight bag. This bag should include a pair of pajamas and clothes for the next day for each individual. Also, toiletries should be accessible, if they are not able to fit in this bag. Be sure to place the overnight bag in a reachable place in the vehicle so you don’t have to unload to get to it.


Put Together a Snack Stash


Caring snacks and drinks on any trip is a great convenience. Not only does it help cut costs, but it can keep poor attitudes at bay. No matter how much you plan ahead, you might find yourself at lunch time and no place to stop. Easy to access snacks and drinks will help the ride be much more enjoyable.


Bring Activities For The Kids


Whether you have children or not, packing activities to help the time pass will make the trip more pleasant. Keep all distractions in a bag accessible in the cab of the vehicle. Some things that you can pack to help minds stay busy are:


  1. Word searches
  2. Sudoku
  3. Knitting
  4. Videos
  5. Music
  6. Coloring/Activity books
  7. Travel board games

So, wherever you are headed for vacation or family visits, keep the stress down with these few tips. I have used these ideas for many long family vacations. It is important to be prepared for the drive two and from your destination. The ride in the car can set the tone for the trip.

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