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Sexy Stocking Ideas For Christmas

Why not start a new tradition this year; give your spouse a Sexy Stocking. So what is that? It’s a stocking that you fill with things that will help you be a better lover and please your spouse more.

Austin and I have done a sexy stocking for a few years. Here’s some of the ideas that you might consider putting in the stocking.

Bedroom Games

You know I’m a huge fan of bedroom games. Austin and I have created so many different ones that are available in our store. We just released printed copies of two of our games so you don’t have to print them yourself. Check those out here.

This Sexy Truth or Dare Pick a Stick game has been really popular. Many of my readers have been buying it.

Don’t have the money to invest in your sexy stocking? Then put things you already own in the stocking. We’ve done this in the past. I’ve put lingerie, candles, and other sexy thing we had on hand. Then, we used the items to create a romantic night together. It doesn’t have to be big to be fun.

I’ll have more ideas for you in the next few days. These are just a few that were on sale and I wanted to get them out to you today.

*I use affiliate links

Cyber Monday Deals Round-up 2017

It’s that time again… again. A friend commented the other day that Black Friday is turning into Black Week. He’s right. Amazon and Wal-mart have been running deals all week, and many are going all the way through Cyber Monday.

We decided to round up a few of the deals you and your family might be interested in.

Cyber Monday Deals for Kids

Amazon Devices

  • Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition, $69.99 $99.99 – This kids version of the famous tablet comes with a rubberized case in one of three colors to help protect it. In addition, it comes with a free year of Amazon Freetime (bunch of cool content and features for the kids), great parental controls, and an amazing warranty. The Kids Edition has a 2-year worry free warranty that covers any breakage, no questions asked!
  • Also available in the larger Fire HD 8 series $89.99 $129.99.


There are SO. MANY. FIDGETERS. It started with spinners. Then came the cubes. Now there’s twelve-sided dodecagons! Not to miss out on the craze, Amazon has several versions that are currently on sale! They range from $1.99-$9.99


Lego and other builders

There’s nothing hotter right now than Lego and Star Wars. There’s a great sale going on some Star Wars Lego sets. Check out this BB-8 model that’s 20% off right now.

Deals for Guys


Tenergy has a great introductory drone that comes with a 720p camera for just $27.99

Amazon Devices

Echo Dots have been on sale for $29 (regular $49) all week. The all-new Echo Look with visual interface (i.e. screen) is $50 off, selling for $179.99


Levi has a stylish looking faux-leather jacket for $28.50, regularly $69.99.

Put your husband in these 206 Collective Mocassin Slippers for $60.

Cyber Monday Deals for the Ladies

New Computer

I don’t know about your wife, but mine’s in need of a computer upgrade. Check out the deal on this HP 17″ Notebook with 1TB SATA hard drive. Normally, $599.99 you can snag it this weekend for $319.99!


Save 20% on these diamond earrings, starting at $108 for ¼ carat and up to $1,177 for the 1½ carat version.


This year, Amazon has a whole section of fashion. Check out all they have to offer!

I hope this list gets some creative juices flowing for you and your family! We’ll be posting some more gift idea posts soon, so make sure to check back often for more inspiration.
This post contains affiliate links. This doesn’t change your price or experience, but we earn a commission on purchases you may make.

How to Turn Your Garden into a Romantic Oasis

I love gardens and beautiful flowers. When we lived in NC, it was impossible to have them in the yard, because of all of the sand. Now that we are in Texas, it’s been easier to keep plants alive. I even grew a vegetable garden this year and plan to try again in the spring.

There’s something that is simply romantic about fresh flowers. I invited Jennifer Dawson on today to share some of her ideas of how you can turn your garden into a romantic oasis.

Here’s what she has to say-

It is very easy to add a little charm and romance to your garden. By making a few adjustments you can quickly create a secluded oasis that is the perfect location for a date night – and the DIY process of setting up the garden can be a fun bonding event in itself.

From creating hidden spaces to planting gorgeous flowers, there are lots of ways to add some romance to your garden. Here are four ways to turn your garden into a romantic oasis.

Invest in a stunning water feature

water fountain in the garden

A beautiful outdoor fountain will add elegance to your garden, making it easier for you to create a romantic spot where you and your partner can relax and talk. The sound of bubbling water will also create a peaceful vibe that is perfect for date night! Water can create an energizing environment. This is just what couples need to enjoy each other’s company.

Create hidden spaces

If you have a fairly large garden you can create romantic hidden spaces for you and your partner using arches, fences and bushes. This can be particularly useful if you have an open garden that neighbors or other people on the street can see into – after all, no-one wants to have an audience for their romantic garden date.

Fences are a popular way to create hidden spaces, but bushes tend to look better and they come with one extra benefit; they can help to reduce noise, making the garden even more like a secret haven that is far away from the rest of the world.

Add Beauty With More Flowers

One of the cheapest ways to make your garden more romantic is planting flowers. There are lots of beautiful flowers that will make your garden look (and smell) better. It is important to note that some flowers are much easier to look after than others.

If you don’t have much experience with gardening and flowers, you can go for easy to care for options like pansies and lavender. Both are hardy plants that require very little care or attention!

Prepare For The Evenings

If you envisage night time dates with your partner, you will need to set up some lighting so that you can actually see each other. Candles are very beautiful but they can blow out easily, so most people tend to go for garden light fixtures. This is still a very affordable option as most garden lights only cost around $75.

There are lots of ways to transform your garden from a patch of grass to a romantic oasis that is perfect for date night. After all, your garden is the perfect place for a first date. It is right next to your house and there is free entry.

Black Friday Deals That Will Rock Your Sex Life

How many roundups have you seen that will rock your sex life? Probably not too many. Here’s a few websites, including Love Hope Adventure, that will have some great resources on sale.

Here’s the deals-

Love Hope Adventure Shop Get 50% off of anything in our shop with the coupon code blackfriday

Uncovering Intimacy – these two products will be 50% off at the register

Married Dance– take 15% off of your order at the register with my coupon code love

If you send me an order confirmation from one of these 3 websites to keelie@lovehopeadventure, I’ll send you a free tutorial of a sexy lap dance you can do for your spouse. I share with you a few moves you can do that will wow your spouse.

Have a happy thanksgiving!

Putting The Romance Back Into Your Marriage

Are you feeling like the romance is deflated in your marriage? I know that it is a huge problem for people that read my blog. They have been married for a few years, and have lost those butterflies in their stomach.

Just because you and your spouse’s relationship has changed, doesn’t mean you can still be romantic. I asked Jess Hargraves to share with us a few of her best tips for bringing romance back to your relationship.

Here’s what she has to say-

You’ve probably heard this before, or are even experiencing it, but life can take a toll on your relationship. Sometimes, the two people forget that they were once so consumed by one another that the love slowly dies. The good thing? This doesn’t have to be your marriage.

No one goes into a marriage believing it’ll ever end. No one foresees a divorce – and if they do, they really shouldn’t be signing their name on the marriage certificate in the first place!

Marriage Can Become Boring

When you’ve been married for some time, it’s bound to get a little rhythmic, routinely. The honeymoon period of the marriage lasts for months for some couples. For others, it doesn’t take long to get back into the rut you were in.

It’s normal to ask where the adventure of falling in love went. Finding the strength and the time to put the love, the adventure and the passion back into your marriage will be challenging.

Day to day life can make it really easy to fall off the track of your marriage and get distracted.

Where Did The Romance Go?

Romance can get lost over time if you let it. To really have that desire for your spouse, you have to cultivate it every single day. You might find yourself daydreaming about a new relationship or getting lost in fiction fantasies. That isn’t healthy for your marriage. Instead of losing yourself in thought, start making romance a priority in your relationship again.

Here are a few tips to help you put the romance back in your marriage

Visit a Special Place

Go back to a place where you first met, or a place that has significance to you. Pick somewhere that holds a special meaning for both of you.

If you don’t have the ability to go back to a place you hold dear, then create new placed. Consider spending a night together camping. Give your spouse with the best camping gifts as a way of making the time even more special.  

Watch A Movie From Your Dating Years

Want to get nostalgic with each other? Watch a movie that you saw together while you were dating. Maybe there is a particular movie that sticks out in your mind. One of the movies that meant the most to my husband and I is Finding Nemo. We actually saw it on our honeymoon.  

Get Away For a Date Night

I suggest you make date night a priority. Why not plan a surprise night away for your spouse and don’t tell them where you are going. They don’t have to know that you’ve spent months creating a plan for the two of you to have a night or two alone.

If you have the ability to do an overnighter, book a cottage somewhere beautiful Don’t fill your weekend away with more distractions from each other if you can help it. The whole idea of getting away alone is to spend time together, not with anyone else.

Learn to Be Friends Again

One of the first reasons that people fall out of love is because they forget to be friends. They get so busy relying on each other for financial support, parental support and housekeeping, that they forget to be silly.

You were friends before you were in love, and that time of discovering what makes the other person happy doesn’t have to end with a signed marriage license. Have as much fun together as you can. Be silly. Dance in the kitchen while cooking together. Find the fun and you can find the most wonderful adventure.

Do Something Scary

I don’t mean dress up like it’s Halloween and run around shrieking at each other to make each other jump. If you’re used to lazing around at the weekend and sleeping in, it’s time to do something to get your blood pumping. Book a couples skydive.

Maybe you can go on a walking tour of the tallest building nearest to you. Choose a theme park and spend the day on thrill rides. Doing something that makes you feel alive and tingling with excitement is a great way to bond together and have fun, too!

If it’s something you’ve both never done before, all the better. Your adventure could unlock the original spark you had for each other and make you feel happy to be in the same place – that’s the goal.

Break The Routine

In the end, being in rut means you’ve been doing the same things over and over again and are losing the joy within those things. You need to get out of the rut that you are stuck in and breaking through the bored means changing things around and getting out of those routines.

Make Friday nights an indoor date night where all technology is switched off in favour of actual conversation. Break out the board games and snacks and have a competition with each other. Get into each other’s world and explore what you both enjoy. Flip a coin every week so you can decide what to do.

Marriage isn’t simple, nor is it something to be thrown away due to boredom. A rut can be broken, and your marriage can be as exciting as it was in the beginning, it just takes a lot of time and a lot of patience to get you there again. There’s never going to be a good time to reconnect, so make it a priority now.  

Crafts of Romance: DIY Christmas Gifts

You know how much I love DIY gifts for any occasion, especially Christmas. I have loved the things that Austin has made for me in the past. Also, I love hand making things for people to such degree, that my kids are convinced I can make anything.

I invited Rebecca Shubert on today to share with us a few of her favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas. Here’s what she has to say-

Christmas is a romantic holiday when you manage to take the stress out of it. It is strange, after all, that we complain more about our stress levels during the festive season than the rest of the year. It is supposed to be a time for relaxation and family, after all.

Make a difference this year and treat yourself as well as your loved ones to the therapeutic effects of crafting. You’ll get to pour your energy into creating something special for the ones you love, and they get something to cherish forever. It’s a win-win!

Here is a handful of great gifts to craft for your husband or boyfriend this year that he will love – and not just because it came from you.

1. Homemade Tie For Him

A man proud of his scarf would carry one you made with pride – as long as they look neat and professional, of course. It should be something that works with his style. They’re so easy to make, too! Just check out this easy tutorial and pick up your favorite fabrics before sewing it all together.

Treat yourself to a sewing machine right away if you don’t have one yet, by the way. You’ll probably want to craft up every present you give from now on. Start by looking at the ones in your price range and browse your way through the top rated sewing machines before you purchase one. They can be quite expensive, and a bit of research is a must.

2. DIY Knitted Scarf For Her

DIY Scarves

It’s a classic Christmas gift to craft up but oh-so time consuming if you don’t have the skills for it quite yet. When you get the hang of it, though, you might even see it evolve into one of your favorite hobbies. You could end up one of those crazy knitting-ladies who picks up her yarn whenever she has a free moment.

It is probably not the best gift to start assembling when you only have a short month to go. This is particularly true when you’ve never knitted before. Start with a scarf, for example, and try your luck. It’s so calming and fun when you get into it, so have a look at this gorgeous DIY scarf for inspiration and dream about the day you have the same kind of knitting skills.

3. Travel Album

When your spouse is an old soul who loves to travel, you simply can’t go wrong with a cleverly crafted travel album. Collect all your fondest memories and make the background of each picture section a map of where you traveled when the picture was taken. Let whatever memories you have lying around become a part of the same album.

Here’s some ideas to get you going:

  • old concert tickets
  • lyrics of your favorite songs
  • cute notes you’ve written to each other and kept hold of for some reason.

It’s both romantic and nostalgic which is, as we know, the perfect combination for Christmas presents.

Doggy Dates: 10 Date Ideas For Couples & Their Dogs

Keelie and I have both always had dogs. All through our childhood and our entire marriage, we’ve had at least one dog, usually more. One thing we’ve never really done is doggy dates. Our poor old beagle isn’t exactly in her prime and ready for a night on the town. However, it’s a cute idea overall.

Nat is here with us today from to tell us about 10 ideas for doggy dates you can try.

You love your honey; you love your dog. Who’s to say you have to choose which one to spend time with? Here are ten creative ways you can bring your dog along on date nights and daytime excursions, courtesy of the humans at

#1: Hike & Picnic

Many local trails allow dogs to hike on-leash. Check the rules beforehand to find out whether dogs are allowed and what leash restrictions apply. Bring along DIY puppy treats, water for both of you and your pet, and a picnic spread. While you’re noshing, be sure to have a bone or stick for your pup to chew on. You might want to pick up a collapsible water dish to keep your dog hydrated on the go, too!

#2: Outdoor Patio Dinner

Have a favorite restaurant with a dog-friendly patio? Bring your pooch along and treat them to a high-class dinner at your side. Either share from your plate, bring delicious treats along, or find out whether the restaurant does doggy plates (you’d be surprised what leftovers they might be able to provide at a discount). You may even meet some other couples and their dogs!

#3: Countryside Drive

Happy Dog Head Dog Car Pet Happy Car Window

If your doggy loves car rides, they’re in luck. The driver can choose a scenic drive for a daytime excursion. The other person gets to plan a playlist of favorite music. Everyone sings along loudly with the windows wide open (bonus points if the pup joins in!). Add a park stop for the puppy to get a potty break and burn off some energy. Don’t forget to take pics!

#4: Citywide Scavenger Hunt

This one requires some planning, but it’s well worth it–especially for partners and puppies who love surprises. You can make the clues easy-to-find and interactive by sending them via text. For instance, your first clue might be a silly rhyme that sends your scavenging partners to the tree under which your dog loves to pee.

Once they’ve found the right spot, you can send the next text, and so on. The final stop could have a bone buried for your pup to dig up, and a special surprise for your date, too. You might even enlist help: get a friend to bring your boo’s gift, and snap a photo of your happy family at the end of your hunt.

#5: Doggy Spa

You all love being pampered, so why not make a day of it? Bring the spa home to you or find local businesses that fit your needs. You and your date can give your dog a bath and follow up with any other grooming your pet enjoys. Next, hire a Rover sitter while you enjoy a couple’s massage. Once you’re all relaxed, you can cozy up for the evening in a cuddle dogpile.

#6: Pet Supply Store

Your pup will love roaming the aisles of their favorite pet store with the two of you in tow. Pick up some brand-new treats for your pet to enjoy, and get a long-lasting chew toy like an elk horn that will occupy your doggy back home. Let your dog sniff out their favorite parts of the store, and see what you discover!

#7: Playground & Dog Park

Fido can’t say no to the dog park. But when’s the last time you got on a playground swing? Let out your inner child at the local park. You and your partner can take turns spinning each other on a tire swing, then running around the dog park for a family game of tag. You’ll both get lots of fresh air and exercise, and you’ll feel like a kid again!

#8: Beach Day

If you have a beach nearby – even a local lake or pond – make a day of it. Plan a walk along the dock, run in the sand, and bring snacks and water for all. Start a seashell hunt, and see what your pet discovers on the way. If it’s nice out, top off the day with a casual swim or a watery game of fetch with a floating toy.

#9: Canoeing

Head for a lake or river and rent a canoe. Bring along life vests for the two of you and your pup, to stay on the safe side in case of a flip or choppy waters. Make sure everything you bring along is packed in a dry bag, including your picnic and doggy snacks. Dry socks may also come in handy!

Plan your route ahead of time and know how you’ll be getting back to the car. If you’ve never taken your dog on a boat before, do a tiny harbor test run to make sure they feel safe and comfortable in the canoe and won’t jump out.

#10: Double Date

By now, you’ve probably met a few other couples who also have dogs. Invite friends over for dinner, along with their canine companion(s). Be sure your dogs get along. Then, while you enjoy your steak, your pets can play in the next room.

Want more flexibility? Hire a Rover caregiver to look after the dogs while you’re eating, or to take them out for a walk. Then, join them in the backyard for playtime, or to watch the dogs play while you sip a coffee.

Nat Smith is a community member at Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

How to Team Up And Increase Fitness With Your Other Half

I finally did it! I joined a gym about a week and a half ago. Austin and I are both able to get in on my pass, so we’ve made Fridays our work/date and workout/date days. We spend the mornings working on Love Hope Adventure and the afternoons our workout at the gym times.

I finally did it! I joined a gym about a week and a half ago. Austin and I are both able to get in on my pass, so we’ve made Fridays our work/date and workout/date days. We spend the mornings working on Love Hope Adventure and the afternoons our workout at the gym times.

It’s so helpful to workout together as a couple. I think it is a bonding experience as well as gives you a lot of accountability. We’ve never had the opportunity to do this before, and we are really enjoying it.

Today, I asked Patty Tyndell to come and share some of her top tips about how couples can workout together and benefit. I’m excited to hear what she has to say-

Consider A Workout Routine

health goals

The very first thing you should be considering is the exercise you’re doing with your partner. You spouse may be a good candidate for a gym buddy. Here’s a few issues you’ll have to work through:

  • Childcare
  • Finances
  • Time

These are some pretty tough obstacles to overcome depending on your season of life. But, if you are in a place where you can make these things happen, it is totally worth it.

However, if you are unable to make gym membership happen, then you can figure out ways to exercise at home. There are many YouTube videos that will give you ideas of how to workout at home without gym equipment. One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Zuzka Light. She does workouts every day that shows you how to use what you have to get fit.

Healthy Eating

A lot of fitness experts will tell you that your exercise only accounts for around 20% of your fitness and health level. As a family, you share a lot of meals together. That’s why it makes sense to work together with your dieting goals.

Don’t think that you have to just eat salads and bland foods all day. There are plenty of simple health options you can try:

  • Swap soda for bottled lime flavored water
  • Commit to eating one healthy meal a day
  • Cut back on the number of deserts you eat in a week
  • Add fruits or vegetables to every meal

Use Competition to Your Advantage


Striking up a bit of healthy competition is a great way to drive each other when you’re trying to get fit. If you and your spouse aren’t the kind that can handle competing against one another, then you could join a Diet Bet.

You should look at each other’s progress, monitoring exactly how well one another is doing. Along with this, it can also help to share a personal trainer, if you decide to have one. This will make it easier to have sessions, while also giving you both the chance to get similar feedback.

By dieting together, it will be harder to let yourself down by eating something bad. Along with this, going to the gym together will make it harder to skip a session. Your marriage in fitness will not only drive your motivation to workout and diet in the first place. But, it will also give you the power to do more. It’s very easy to settle when you’re the only one you have to impress.

Team Building Will Help Your Marriage

Any time you can do things together as a team, you will have a stronger marriage. There’s multiple benefits to committing to fitness together. First, you are generally getting healthier and more active. Second, you can increase your libido and desire for one another. And third, you are developing a stronger relationship.

Hopefully you’ll get some good ideas of what can be done when you’re trying to tackle fitness with your spouse.