Lysa TerKeurst and Her Husband Are Getting Back Together

Lysa TerKerst is the founder of Proverbs 31 ministries. She always shares practical and honest truths from the Bible. I love getting her newsletters and reading her encouraging thoughts. She’s a deep thinker and I always learn from her.

About a year or so ago, she announced that she and her husband were moving in the direction of divorce. Obviously, it was a huge shock to everyone, as the announcement of all divorces are.

If it Can Happen to Lysa, it Can Happen to All of Us

Many people thought, if this can happen to her, it can happen to any of us; as we all should. When we see couples going through devastating times in their relationship, we should be reminded that it could be any of us.

What was more shocking to me was to see this post on her Facebook page. She and her husband are working through the past infidelity in their marriage and toward healing. Not all couples will survive deep hurts.


Let’s Rejoice in God Answering Lysa’s Prayers

But let’s rejoice today that this couple is has chosen to go down the long, hard road of healing. It won’t be easy. It won’t be fast. And it certainly won’t be painless. It’s not a happy ending, because there is no end when you are in an active relationship with someone. They will have to forever be on their guard and work towards developing an intimate relationship and keeping it there.

That’s every couple’s story. There is no happily ever after. A good marriage takes constant communication and intentional living. Never grow complacent.

Here’s an article that talks about what happened in their marriage.

Here’s an article from Lysa in the recent weeks working through the why’s in our life.

Here’s an article about why we all heard about her pending divorce the day after she announced it, and why it’s taken a month for any of us to see how God answered her prayers.

She’s taking pre-orders for her book that releases in a few months about what she and Art have gone through. You can check it out here. If you pre-order it, you can claim your free gifts from her here.

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Bakeries That Make It Easy To Be A Homemaker


Everyone loves delicious sweets and baked goodies. But not everyone has the time to create amazing desserts in the kitchen. If you don’t have a quaint little bakery near you, don’t worry. I invited a Danielle, who’s a baking lover, to share her research on some hidden bakeries across the country. If you didn’t know, Danielle helps out around here on Love Hope Adventure and with our website business. If you are in our community, then you can interact with her there.

Here’s her list of 8 artisan bakeries that ship mouth-watering treats right to your door.

1. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Founded in 2011, this business is a popular spot in Massachusetts. A mother and daughter wanted to create tasty cupcakes for many homes across the county. After spending time in the kitchen, they wanted to share their ideas. Soon after opened their company, they received lots of orders from homes in America.

Wicked Good Cupcakes created a unique idea that would safely get their goods to any home. The bakers wanted their treats fresh and pretty. When you order specialty goods from this company, you’ll get a carefully packaged mason jar. These deconstructed cakes are beautifully layered for the greatest satisfaction.

2. Three Brothers Bakery

If you’re looking for cakes shops in Houston, Texas, look no further than Three Brothers Bakery. Featured on Fox News, Self Magazine, Good Morning America, and Food Network, this bakery has it all. Their most recent award is the SBA 2018 Phoenix Award for Disaster Recovery. You can enjoy baked goods such as:

  • Pastries and Danishes
  • Muffins
  • Pies and cookies
  • Cheesecakes
  • Breads
  • Specialty cakes

This is one of the best cake shops in Houston. You can order a custom cake for any event. Whether it’s a sporting event, baby shower, or birthday, you can build any cake you want. The bakery also designs unique creations for weddings. If you live in Houston, this is a great bakery option.

3. The Milk Bar

If you don’t have time to bake at home, that’s not a problem. The Milk Bar has any sweet treat you could ever want. Owned by Chef Christina Tosi, this company has many locations. Christina is an author and operator of Momofuku restaurant group. The company was in Newsweek, Food52, and INC. Magazine to name a few.

You can get sweets shipped right to your door any time. The Milk Bar has many packages that offer cookies, pies, cakes, and make-your-own boxes. Regardless of where you live, cookies, cake pops, and more are just a click away.

4. Magnolia Bakery

When you need a pick-me-up, visit Magnolia Bakery in New York City for your choice of delicious sweets. Established in 1996, the bakery is a charming little place in the city’s west village. You can order specialty baskets such as:

  • Chocolate Lovers’ Cookie Assortment
  • Baker’s Choice Bars Assortment
  • Chocolate Decadence
  • Classic Macaroons
  • Double Fudge Brownies
  • Magic Cookie Bars
  • And many others…

They make everything fresh every day to keep customers coming back for more. They ship baskets of assorted goodness nationwide for many people. The bakery expanded over the years and it now has locations in several other countries.

5. Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery is owned by Buddy Valastro, also known as The Cake Boss. This company is family owned and operated by Buddy and his family. Buddy is a master baker and he was in many publications like Modern Bride and The Knot. Although he is famous for his fabulous specialty cakes, his company offers much more.

Buddy’s mouth-watering creations are all inspired by his Italian heritage. You can order pies, cakes, and trays for any occasion. Some of these desserts include lemon pie, chocolate pecan pie, cannoli tray, and custom cakes to name a few. With more than 11 locations and online access, you can get these treats any time.

6. Cheryl’s Cookies

If you’re addicted to cookies of all kinds, look no further than Cheryl’s Cookies. This company is complete with cookie gift boxes and assorted flavors you can’t resist. If you need desserts for a special occasion, image getting one of the Parties In A Box.

With Cheryl’s Cookies, you can order one kind or many kinds in one order. Choose from specialty creations such as:

  • Buttercream frosted
  • Cookie Jars
  • Brownie and Bar Gifts
  • Thank You Dessert Baskets
  • Sympathy Baskets
  • Emoji Cookies

Don’t worry if you have allergy sensitivities. Cheryl has something for you too. Options like Gluten-free, sugar-free, and Kosher, make it easier to enjoy treats. You can even create your own specialty order with their easy-to-use website.

7. Levain Bakery

If you love gooey chocolate chips cookies, this is the place for you. Located on the west side of New York City is Levain Bakery. In 1944, friends Connie McDonald and Pam Weeks discovered their passion for cookies. A few years later, these friends opened a bakery and shared their treats with others.

The business is famous for their walnut chocolate chip cookie. They also offer breads and other yummy creations. The staff bakes each treat fresh and on-site. You can get their delicious treat at their four locations and online. Many customers enjoy treats such as:

  • Banana chocolate chip bread
  • Sour cream coffee cake
  • Country rolls
  • Whole Wheat Walnut Raisin Loaves
  • Oatmeal Raisin Scones
  • Cookies – varieties like oatmeal, chocolate, peanut butter chip
  • And more…

When you want gooey cookie goodness, let Levain ship a box right to your front door.

8. Little Pie Company

No one does pie like Little Pie Company in New York City. Arnold Wilkerson created this company for customers in the Manhattan area. Since 1985, this former actor has shared his passion for baking with people all over the country. The bakery used only local ingredients for their warm, rustic homemade delights.

If you enjoy pie but prefer other sweet choices, this business bakes those as well. They focus on offering daily treats that are in season. This way they use local products and customers can enjoy the flavors of the current season. Little Pie Company makes desserts just like Grandma and ships them right to you.

When you want tasty treats without leaving your home, consider using one of these outstanding bakeries. They allow you to choose award-winning flavors from small-town businesses. You can also expect wonderful deliveries with any option.






Danielle is a former classroom teacher turned “work-from-home” mother of two. She now spends her days teaching her children the joy of cooking together and sharing her gifts with others. She blogs about her adventures at Confessions Of A Fairy Tale Mom.

The Most Romantic Travel Destinations For Couples

We traveled a lot when I was growing up. My dad worked out of town and we had the chance to go many places with him. It was so amazing to see history first hand. Austin didn’t grow up doing a lot of traveling, so it was quite an adjustment for him to marry me. We have traveled to a lot of places since we’ve been married, both as a couple and a family.

You Need a Romantic Getaway

Austin and I have been on a few romantic trips since we’ve been married. Our most recent adventure took us to San Francisco. That was such a great time. Before our middle child, Tripp, was born, we snuck down to the beaches of Georgia for a weekend. We’ve had other times where we have done a 1 night stay in cities not far from us.

It is so great for your marriage to go away on trips with your spouse. I’m a huge advocate of it!

I invited Joniel on to share with us a few other romantic destinations you can go on as a couple. Here’s what she has to say-

Are you an adventurous person? Are you looking for a travel destination for you and your significant other that not only offers a bit of romance but also a bit of adventure as well? If this sounds like you, here are some of the most romantic travel destinations for couples who want a little bit of adventure on their romantic getaway.

Yosemite National Park

Nestled inside Yosemite National Park is the Yosemite Hotel. This wonderfully romantic hotel is set against glacier point, half dome, and Yosemite falls. Built in the 1920s, the hotel offers four-star lodging and dining a wonderfully unique history and scenery that is simply breathtaking. Surrounded by a National park, you are sure to find all of the romance and adventure that you are looking for.

Valhalla Grand Hall

Lake Tahoe is one of the most gorgeous places in the United States. Valhalla Grand Hall is located on 74 acres of secluded woods just off the shore of the lake. During the 1800s and the early part of the 1900s, the hall was the place to go for the elite. Now, this historical site hosts outdoor enthusiasts from all over. This wonderful historical area is a wonderful place for any outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a wonderfully romantic getaway.

Dry Tortugas National Park

If you are looking for a romantic getaway that includes white sandy beaches and stunning waters, Dry Tortugas National Park offers a remote private island with tons of areas to explore. Here you will find pristine beaches, historical attractions, as well as stunning coral reefs and marine life.

Acadia National Park

There is nothing quite as romantic as snuggling up outdoors under the stars. If you love camping, Acadia National Park is one of the most romantic spots you will find. If you prefer a roof over your head at night there are many quaint bed and breakfasts located throughout the area as well as several charming hotels. You can explore the area throughout the day and spend the night snuggled up either under the stars or in a wonderful home or hotel.

Great Basin National Park

This wonderful national park is one of the most remote and one of the least visited parks in the nation. If you want a perfect view of the stars, this is the place to go. During the day, enjoy a scenic drive through Wheeler Peak. You can then take the summit trail to the peak or if you are looking for something a bit more laid back, take a short walk through the forest.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


This is the most visited national park in the country. The area is known for its mountain culture, diverse landscape, and abundant wildlife. For couples who are adventurous, there are scenic waterfalls to visit and mountains to climb. Visit this area in the fall and take in the breathtaking views of the wonderful fall colors on the trees.

Don’t Forget The Right Shoes For Your Adventure

When it comes to taking a romantic getaway that comes with a bit of adventure it is important to make sure that you pack the right things to take with you. If you are going to be hiking through the forests you will want to make sure that you have the proper equipment including a sturdy shoe to wear. Packing the right equipment and choosing the right footwear will help to ensure that you have a great time on your adventurous romantic getaway.


These are some ideas to get you started on your romantic adventure. Make sure you carve out some time to do that as a couple.



10 Minute Marriage Challenge

When Austin and I first got married, we bought this thing called Simply Romantic Nights. It was a designed to help you and your spouse create romantic date nights for each other. There was a set of cards for the husband and set for the wife. You were supposed to use your card to plan out a date night for your spouse without telling them what was on the card. I was so happy that we bought it because I think it laid a good foundation for our relationship to intentionally romance the other person.

The ideas were great, but pretty labor intensive. Pretty awesome for newlyweds that weren’t taking care of kids. But, time is more limited now, which means everything we do has to be simple and easy to accomplish. That’s why I’m pretty excited about the 10-minute marriage challenge from The Dating Divas. They will text you, your spouse, or both of you 3 times a week with sweet and romantic ideas you can do for your spouse that only take 10 minutes.

They have three different plans to choose from. If you want to buy the service for just yourself, you can sign up here:

For the husband to do for the wife

For the wife to do for the husband

If you want to buy the service for you both to receive texts, get it at a discount when you buy the combined service here.

10 Minute Marriage Challenge

4 Ways To Tour A Busy City As A Couple

Austin and I went to San Francisco for our anniversary back in June. It was a great trip! We didn’t rent a car, so we relied on a combination of public transportation, Uber, tour buses, fairies and the hotel shuttle. It was such a great adventure to tour a busy city as a couple.

Today I invited Julia on to share her top travel tips with us. She has some great ideas to help couples tour busy cities. We pretty much did all of these things on our trip to California.

Here’s what she has to say-

Many tourists love to travel around busy and beautiful cities and see all the exciting things they can afford to see. Quite frankly, this might not be easy because a busy city is like a beehive of activities. Not everyone can withstand hustling and bustling through huge crowds while traveling around.

Traveling around large cities can be a challenge for couples. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Book in Advance

Book in advance! It’s so important to take a look at what’s offered in the city before you get there. You won’t spend as much of your trip searching for things to do if you plan ahead of time.

When you think about visiting big tourist centers, try and escape the huge crowd that fills up ticket booths. Whether you feel like seeing a city’s biggest museum or tourist attraction, make the plan ahead of time.

Tour the City by Bike

tour a busy city by bicycle for a fun adventure

If you’re a passionate tourist who loves seeing every part of a beautiful city, travel by bike. This can be a more romantic way to travel than other options.

The benefits of touring the city by bike are boundless. You easily escape traffic issues and can capture a clear view of the amazing scenery. Some natural and man-made features include:

  • Hills and rivers
  • Towering buildings
  • Amusement parks
  • And more…

All you need is a couple of city bicycles for your next busy city destination. If you’re a looking for a manly version, you can choose the best men’s bicycle as well.

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Engage the Service of a Tour Guide Expert

If you want to see the beautiful city features as a couple, one sure way to achieve your aim is to hire a tour guide expert. In big cities which boast tourist attractions, you’re certain to find a reliable tour guide expert. Most only charge a few dollars to take you around. This will enable you to focus on planning things and seeing different attractions. You’ll spend more time enjoying your time with your significant other.  

Interestingly, these tour guide experts know exactly where attractive features are. Their guided bike tours will bypass traffic jams and get you to your destination in no time.

Use Google Maps

use Google maps to tour a busy city easily

Using Google Maps helps users locate streets and towns in any geographical location. Google Maps makes it a lot easier to beat the huge crowds and tour the city without any restraint. Whether you’re touring a congested city by bike, car, or foot, you can easily use Google Maps to check traffic and decide the ideal tour routes.  

Also, Google Maps comes with the `Street View’ feature that gives you extensive street views. If you want to visit the streets in a busy city, Google Maps is the web mapping tool you need. You’ll see a clear street view and the routes linking to it.

What tips and tricks do you have to help other couples tour a busy city together?

There Are No Quick Fixes in Marriage

I’ll never sell you on the lie that there are quick fixes for your marriage. Fixing relationships is never quick. Even if you make big changes today, that doesn’t mean you’re relationship will be healthy tomorrow. It’s absurd to think that as it is to thinking eating salads all day one day is enough to undo years of poor health choices. Your relationship with your spouse requires daily investment.

I'll never sell you on the lie that there's quick fixes for your marriage. Fixing relationships is never quick. Even if you make big changes today, that doesn't mean you're relationship will be healthy tomorrow.

If you think you can set it and forget it, you’re going to wake up one day to a reality you don’t love. Your marriage isn’t meant to be a relationship where you just get by. It’s meant to be the closest relationship you can have with any human on this planet. There are no quick fixes.

That’s why we created our 5 Foundations of Intimacy for Marriage. This video course answer questions about sexual intimacy, relationship problems, friendship, and romance. You can check out more about it through the link below.


7 Secrets of Staying Married for Life

Not all marriages end in divorce. Not all marriages get to a place of barely getting by. Many people stay in thriving relationships and grow deeper in their love every day.

I invited Meredith Zacharias on to share some of her secret for a long lasting relationship. Here’s what she has to say-

Not all marriages end in divorce. Not all marriages get to a place of barely getting by. Many people stay in thriving relationships and grow deeper in their love every day.


Listening to media reports about “the death of marriage” can be quite heart-breaking. The high rates of divorce do not help things either. It is, however, not all gloom and doom because there are many couples who take their vows seriously and end up enjoying the happily ever after life.

It is usually not an easy task because two people have to work hard to co-exist while having the best of times. Here are seven secrets of staying in love and growing old with your significant other.

1. Marry for the Right Reasons

It all begins with what brought two people together in the first place. Many people will want to get married to someone for the wrong reasons. Maybe they are rushing it because they are getting old. Or they think no one else will come along.

Get to know a person well while dating to make sure that you are marrying them because you love them and cannot live without them, and not for some flimsy excuses. This way, when all the other things fade, you will still have each other’s hearts.

2. Come up with Creative Ways to Enjoy Intimacy

Human beings are sexual and it is important to satisfy this need if you want to last in your marriage. Go out and purchase the best pubic hair trimmer and offer to shave your partner to make things interesting in and out of the bedroom.

Listen to each other’s needs and try to find out what your husband or wife likes so that everyone ends up enjoying the intimate sessions. Try and be a little adventurous to know the things that work well for you as a couple and the things that do not.

3. Never Stop Dating

Just because you put a ring on it does not mean that you have to stop trying to impress your spouse. Find time to spend quality time with each other doing the things that you love like appreciating your spouse.

4. Do not Compare your Relationship to Others

Many couples are guilty of trying to live up to other people’s relationships. It is the worst thing that you could ever do because you could end up breaking a good thing because you feel like you do not measure up.

Note that there is no gold standard in regards to marriage. Everyone has problems and secrets. Just find out what works best for you two and run with it. Forget about what other people have to say as long as you happy and willing to put in the work to have the best relationship on your terms.

5. Communicate

Do not think that your partner is a mind reader. You must communicate with each other as it is key to a long-lasting relationship. Talk about anything and everything that might affect your marriage.

For instance, if you want to have kids, make sure you are on the same page in regards to how many and how to raise them. You may have to compromise sometimes, but it is important to talk about things whether you are happy or unhappy. This can help to save the marriage from a lot of trouble in the future.

6. Take Good Care of Yourself

Even after staying married for decades it is important to make sure you take good care of your body. Make an effort to look good for your partner, so that they can fall in love with you over and over again. Do not let yourself go as this can be a turn-off that can lead to messy breakup.

7. Get Expert Help When you Need it

Marriage is not always a smooth ride. You are bound to experience some problems once in a while. If you are not able to sort out the differences on your own, do not shy away from seeking professional help. A marriage counsellor or therapist could be just what you need to get things rolling, so that you can continue enjoying your marriage.

Let no one lie to you that there is a perfect marriage. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors. Just put in an effort to love your spouse and improve your relationship as the years go by to stay happily married till death does you apart.

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Give Your Husband a Sensual Gift For Father’s Day

I don’t know about you ladies, but shopping for my husband is very difficult. He is a techy guy and I don’t have a lot of buying confidence when it comes to anything electronic. Besides, those purchases are usually expensive and I don’t make large purchases without talking to him.

When we were first married, we hardly had any money at all. I really had to think outside of the box for gift giving. In real life, everyone knows me for my handmade gifts.

I like giving Austin experiences as a gift. Many times we go see a movie on his birthday. This past year, the kids gave him the experience of taking him to his favorite restaurant.

The great thing about experience gifts is that you spend time together. Why not do something sensual for your husband to celebrate Father’s Day.

Here are a few ideas you might like:

The gift of massage ( I did Melt Massage for Austin a few years ago)
Printable Sexy bedroom games (Use the code FDLOVE at checkout to get 50% off anything in my store through Father’s Day.)
Get sexy boardgames from Married Dance. (Use the code LOVE at checkout to get 10% off.)
Answer sexy questions from the Sexploration list put out by Uncovering Intimacy.

Hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you soon!