Why You Need a Period Sex Plan

Periods suck…period. There are many frustrating parts to this time of the month, especially when it comes to your sex life. If you and your spouse are regularly having sex, periods can put an abrupt stop to that.

I know that period time can cause a lot of issues between a couple when their sexual needs are not being met. That is why putting together a period sex plan is so important.

What if One Spouse Doesn’t Want To?

I know plenty of couples that have decided together that period week is a time to abstain from meeting one another’s sexual needs. They feel that during that time, they can connect in other ways other than sexual. If that is your marriage, great!

Then, there are couples where one or the other has decided that the week is off limits for physical intimacy. This puts the person that has the sexual need in a bad place. This disagreement can lead to arguing, resentment, tension, anger, secretive masturbation, and other negative emotions in the relationship.

They Can’t Just Deal

I know what you are thinking- “They can deal without orgasm for a week. It’s not that long.”. From their perspective, it is an eternity. Not being able to connect with you in that way is enough to drive them crazy.

Instead of stonewalling your spouse about their pleads for sexual intimacy, come up with a solution that you can both work with. That’s why a period sex plan can be so beneficial.


Develop a Period Sex Plan

Before the next period time rolls around, you and your spouse should have a plan of how you are going to take care of one another’s sexual needs. Just because it’s that time of the month, doesn’t mean you can’t be sexually intimate with one another. You will just need to be creative.

Here’s what you need to decide together-

When’s The Best Time For Sexual Intimacy?

Some women are not going to feel well enough to give or receive physical pleasure on their heaviest days. Scheduling intimacy before or after the first day or two will likely work best for you and your spouse.

How Often Will You Be Intimate?


This is another area where you both need to be clear on expectations. Work together and come up with a number that will work for the two of you. Be sure to eliminate the days that the period is the heaviest as a possibility if that is an issue for you.

You might even consider coming up with a sort of schedule. For example, say you’ll be intimate the day spotting occurs. After that, the 3rd day and the 5th day of the cycle.

What Will Your Sexual Encounters Consist of?

If one spouse has no desire to orgasm during the period cycle, they can choose to meet the needs of their spouse solely. Regardless of whether or not you both want to orgasm, figure out what you are both comfortable with doing during this time.

Many people are not ok with having intercourse when there is blood flowing. That’s totally understandable. If that’s you, then consider these ideas:

  • Sex with a male condom or female condom on- this will reduce the mess and cleanup.
  • Use a sex toy- a woman can wear a tampon to keep the blood flow from being a problem while her husband uses a vibrator on her. For a man, penis sleeves can be a good option to be pleased by their wife.
  • Mutual masturbation- this might be a great time for you and your spouse to have a mutual masturbation session. Both of you can please yourself with the method you choose while watching the other person.
  • Hand stimulation- each of you can take turns pleasing the other with your hand.
  • Oral sex- this is a good solution for a wife to please their husband. Even with a tampon in, I wouldn’t suggest this as a viable option for a husband to give his wife.

Work together to come up with ideas of what to do to please the other during the period week. You may find that you enjoy switching things up during this time.

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