Periods…It’s Both Your Probs



That’s right, I’m about to talk about periods- and guys, I’m talking to you today as much as I am the ladies. When you are married, don’t think that your wife’s period is her prob. The truth is, it’s both your probs.

I don’t know a woman out there that doesn’t get cranky when they are PMS. Once their period sets in, they feel like junk. It can be really hard to be productive when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Guys- it is time you and your wife brainstorm some ways that you guys can handle her period a bit better. I’m not just talking to everyone else today. I’ve been working to make some changes around here so that I’m not as horrible to deal with during that period of time.

Know When To Expect It To Happen

Alright ladies, we aren’t 13 year olds anymore. We know we are going to have a period. This is something that you and your husband need to track so that neither of you are caught off guard by it.

I can’t describe the number of times I’ve had a severe attitude problem and wondered what my issue was- only to realize that I was PMS way too late. If you both know when it is supposed to start-ish (and I say ish, because not everyone is predictable), then you guys can be prepared.

Ladies, you have to promise to not bite his head off if he asks you if you are PMS. Guys, you have to promise that instead of making matters worse by getting into a fight with your wife, you will back off because you know she is hormonal.

Lessen Her Load

Both of you guys should make a conscious decision to lighten her load during the most difficult times of her period. Ladies, you have to let your husband know what days those are. You aren’t super woman; it’s ok if you take it easier during your worst days.

Men, figure out how you can help her. Ladies, accept his help.

Work Out The Intimacy Situation

Intimacy in marriage

Just because it’s period time, doesn’t mean that all physical intimacy has to end. You will both need to come to a reasonable agreement of how you will handle physical pleasure while she is on her period.

Some people choose to have sex during this time, others choose to please each other manually or in other ways, and some take the time off. Whatever the decision, make sure you guys come to an agreement you both can live with.

Be More Forgiving Of Each Other

Ladies- you know you can be unreasonable when you are on your period. You might think your husband, kids, and everyone around you are being particularly frustrating. When you realize what time of the month is, remind yourself that a lot of what you are feeling is the hormones talking.

This is a time when you both need to be more forgiving of one another. I’m not saying that women are excused for lashing out while on their periods, but it would be nice for their husbands to have extra understanding. It is also good for the ladies to be more forgiving of those around them.

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to make some changes in my home because I know that I am unreasonable during that time of the month. It is one of the reasons that I changed when I go to the store, because I was always my hungriest when there wasn’t any food in the house.

Only I know what I need during that time of the month, and it is up to me to communicate what I’m dealing with. I’m fortunate that I have an incredible husband that will work with me if I share with him what I need.

I encourage both the husbands and wives to have the conversations needed to work through the problems that periods bring into the marriage. If something is going on with your spouse, then it is going on with you too.

How do you handle that time of the month?

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