Picking a Gift that Suits Your Spouse

I love giving gifts. It comes naturally. I usually don’t even have to think all that hard about what to get someone. I’ve noticed that for some, like Austin, this can be a daunting task. To help with this, we’ve asked Ashley Brock to come give us some tips for gifts for your spouse.

We all know that there are certain points throughout the year where giving a gift to your partner is the expected thing, right? It may be your anniversary, it could be Valentine’s day, or even birthdays and Christmas. Even those gifts when you just want to show them how much you love and care about them.

Gifts are a symbol of your love, they don’t have to be over the top or hugely expensive, it is more to do with your thought process and thinking about your partner. What would they like, how it will make them feel?

However, this is where people can become a little stuck. What is the right gift to get? This is a question that no one can answer for you. After all, you should know your partner better than anyone.

But, I can imagine it is still a well-googled question anyway. Which is why I thought it was time to collectively offer some gift ideas. Whether it is for him or for her, I hope this offers you some inspiration for gift opportunities in the future.

Sporting gifts to aid or improve performance

Whether your wife loves sports, or your husband is fanatical about something specific, sporting gifts are the type of gift that just keeps on giving. It can help aid performance, improve how they feel when playing the sport, or simply increase the enthusiasm to continue getting involved. There are so many varied options that this article would be too long to list all of the best sporting gifts, and in actual fact, it’s very specific to what you and your partner like to do.

The easiest way to find the best sporting gift is to be specific with the sport itself, and take it from there. There are some standard gifts that could be beneficial in each category.

  • Tennis rackets for someone who likes to get out on the court
  • For the golfer who has all of the gear and just needs something extra, perhaps a golf rangefinder watch
  • Soccer cleats or a new ball
  • Diving equipment for a scuba enthusiast

Gifts to help with fitness or health

Along the same lines as sporting gifts, fitness and health gifts are fast becoming popular among couples. It might be a fitness tracker they can wear to track their intensity levels, the steps they take, and how many calories they could be burning off. It could be in the form of a book detailing recipes to help you keep on track. You could even give the gift of a gym membership if you think your partner would appreciate it. 

Gadget gifts for the tech lover

When it comes to technology, there will always be something. If your partner is an Apple lover, the latest iPhone or Macbook release could be the ideal thing. However, gadgets aren’t just phones and computers. You have the latest digital cameras to consider, the best Blu-ray player or TV, and even smart home tech, if that’s more their thing.

Again, think about their current interests and the brands they already love and take the inspiration where you can. Technology advances on a daily rate, which means there will always be something new to consider as a gift for someone.

Something new to wear

Some people find it difficult to choose clothes for others, even their partners. So buying clothes as a gift should only be done if you have confidence in regards to choosing the right thing. Make sure you’re buying them in the correct size. There is nothing more embarrassing than picking out a size too big for someone. However, if you do feel confident, then this can really show your partner how much you know them. Picking out the color of a top that suits their skin tone, or choosing the right sizes can earn you mega brownie points.

Scents or makeup

A scent can be a real personal thing. When it comes to giving this sort of gift, people tend to stick to purchasing scents their partner already has. If you feel confident, you can try the same brand’s newest fragrance, or even venture into new territory with something you think they may like.

Makeup is the same. You need to consider the brands they currently have. If in doubt, head to your local store and ask some of the makeup artists there for their advice. Explain what your spouse currently has and they should be able to advise you on the latest release or pallet available. It may even help to take a few sneaky pics on your phone.

A gift that is personal to you only

Sometimes it is the real personal gifts that make all the difference.

  • Necklace engraved with something special
  • Personalized gift showing an important date or name
  • Quotes or things you say can be made into great gifts with wall art or ornaments

This is where no one can make the decision for you. It needs to be personal to you, your family, and your relationship. A quick tip is to think about the occasion in which you are purchasing the gift and take it from there.

The gift of a trip or relaxing getaway

Finally, sometimes the best gifts for your spouse are a trip away or heading off somewhere to relax and get away from it all. These work well for things like anniversary gifts or birthdays. A chance to relax might be few and far between these days, with busy work schedules and a family to take care of. Booking a weekend or holiday away could be the best gift you can give. Think about a relaxing spa, perhaps one of your favorite places, or even rekindle old memories and go back to places you have been before years ago.

I hope this helps you to feel inspired the next time you need to buy a gift for your partner.

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