Planning the Perfect Proposal

Some proposals need to be done in private, as the person on the receiving end does not like fuss or to be the center of attention. That is fine if you know that the person you want to marry feels that way, but what if they would love something more special that perhaps includes other people?  You should know which they would prefer and if you are looking for ideas for your perfect proposal, here are just a few suggestions.

Holding hands

Choose a Place That Has Meaning

Throughout the time you have already spent together you may have established places that are sentimental to both of you. It could be a favorite restaurant, somewhere in the country or maybe a rooftop bar.  Wherever it is, the sentimental value will make your proposal even more special.

Include Friends And Family

After you have browsed lots of  masterfully crafted engagement rings and chosen the best one for the job, let some of your friends and family in on your secret.  Then arrange a family gathering and propose with everyone who is close to your both nearby.

Or you could have them hidden from view and they could be a surprise for when your partner has accepted your proposal.

Whichever way you choose, it can make it a really fun occasion with all your friends and family celebrating with you.

Buy Flowers That Are Special

You could buy her favorite flowers and write your proposal on the card that goes with them. When you present the bouquet, just make sure the card is opened straight away and see how much more special those flowers become.

You could even use flowers as symbols. If you have been dating for 2 years, just as an example, 2-dozen red roses could be the flowers to use.

Video A Chat With Other People

It could be that you spoke to her parents to make sure they were happy for you to propose, or that she has children and you have spoken to them. Have your chat videoed and then sit down to watch it on the TV together.

Apart from the fact you are asking for her hand in marriage, it will be appreciated that you had enough respect to talk to the other people it could effect.

Hire A Photographer To Capture The Moment

Hire a photographer to record your special event. If they can take photographs with your partner being aware, then you could present them as a surprise gift on your wedding day.

The look on your partners face when you ask ‘Will you marry me?’ could be captured forever and give you both a wonderful moment to look back on.

Hire Musicians To Play Your Special Tune

If you have a tune that is special to both of you, why not hire some musicians to play it live? This could be in any location you want, although if it somewhere that there are other people, such as a restaurant, you may need to gain permission first.

Music can mean a lot to people, and your special tune being played by live musicians will make it mean even more.


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