Podcasts For Kids and Adults

I’m not a huge podcast listener, but Austin and my kids are. They love listening to them and recording their own. I definitely understand why people are falling in love with different podcasters.

If you’re looking for some great family friendly podcasts? Here is a roundup of some that I suggest.

Noobs and Whovian– this podcast is put on by Austin and our boys. They have a mission to teach new generations about Dr. Who. It’s a great family friendly show.

The Crystal Paine Show– if you love to read, you’ll Crystal’s show. She brings on many authors. Also, she shares her own struggles in life and how she’s overcome hard things.

Nobody’s Listening- Austin has been a huge fan of James Kennison for years. In fact, he’s even been a guest host on a show or two. Our kids are now in love with the podcast. We used to listen to Podcast Kid religiously, which is a show with James and his daughter.

The Alien Adventures of Fin Caspian- we’ve binge listened to this podcast since it came out. It is brilliantly written and the kids love BeeBop.

The Holderness Family Podcast– I really love the Holderness family and their videos. They are as real as it gets about life. Recently, the released their new podcast where they go more in-depth into marriage, raising kids, and getting through life.


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