5 Things You Won’t Believe People Will Say When You Are Pregnant

Once the world finds out you are pregnant, they spend about two minutes congratulating you and the rest of your pregnancy, saying some of the most outrageous things. It can feel like there is no end to the nagging. All of a sudden, you’ll wonder when you became a teenager again and needed so many mommas around to keep you straight. 

pregnancy sayings

Here are some of the top comments I heard when I was pregnant. 

Sure You Aren’t Having Twins?

There is no other way to interpret this than, “Oh man! You have gotten huge!”. And I’ve tried to come up with a different interpretation. Pretty much the world is just pointing out how much your stomach has grown. And some people may not understand how much that can hurt us, especially when self-esteem is already volatile with growing a baby. 

I struggled with self-esteem throughout my first pregnancy, and the thing that got me through it was my mom. She taught me the importance of self-worth over and over again, and every time she would say, “Jesus loves you.” Her point every time was that I could not let someone, or people, control my view of my worth. Yeah, my belly is gigantic, but guess what? My child is growing in there. This is a beautiful time, and my mom’s words reminded me that Jesus was my rock.

Can I Touch Your Belly? 

Ummm….can we say creeper? When is this ever a question that one person asks another person? You have the right to say no, but this question is usually asked after the offender already has their hand on your stomach. 

Don’t Raise Your Hand Above Your Head or Baby’s Umbilical Cord Will Wrap Around Their Neck?

This old wife’s tale is still in circulation. The first time you stretch to reach someone, a little old lady is going to tell you not to do that. Yeah…you’ll pretty much be made to feel like a child. 

It Looks Like You Aren’t Going to Make it!

When you get really round, people will find all kinds of ways to inform you of how fat you are. You’ll get every version of this comment. “Looks like you’re about to pop,” “I don’t think you’re going to make it to your due date”…the list could go on. 

Are You Still Here?

This is one I could never figure out. I am not sure if people think that you will disappear when the baby is born or what. I think they mean, “You haven’t had the baby yet, you fatty?”. At least, that is my interpretation of it.

Are You Pregnant Again? Don’t You Know What Causes That By Now?

Heaven better help you if you have more than one child or have another child too close to the last one. You’ll get all types of comments from people who wonder if you know about the birds and the bees if you do.

How to Handle Rude Comments From Well-Meaning People

It is hard to know how to handle these types of comments and intrusions into your personal life. One of the best things to do is to try and ignore the comments as much as you can. Usually, the statements are made in passing by people who will never talk with you again. This is a beautiful time in your life, and your partner, family, and friends all know it. Relish every day! Go home and throw something sexy on. You only get this body for a few months; enjoy it!

If you keep running into someone that has no tact, then you might consider politely saying something. Most of the time, people are just trying to be nice but failing miserably at it.

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