Product Recommendations

Looking for the products I use and recommend? Here is a look below at the things you should check out.

Love Hope Adventure Shop

I create sexy bedroom games for couples. Go to my shop and buy what looks best to you and I’ll send you a pdf of the game.

Morning Upgrade Cards

Morning Upgrade

These cards help you to have a morning routine that is short and simple. Each morning, I fill out these cards and write my verse of the day in the section that says, “what’s on my mind”. Then I use the meditation time for prayer and meditation to get my mind focused on God. I like to put on some music and dance around as my exercise. Find all the information you need to buy these cards here.

Lume Natural Deodorant

This Lume natural deodorant is safe for your private parts, which means oral sex is going to be that much fresher. I like to buy mine on Amazon here instead of their website because it ships faster.