Bedroom Game Pack 3


The Bedroom Game Pack 3 Features 12 of our printable bedroom games and conversation starters. This pack is full of sexy and romantic prompts that will help you create a stronger relationship.


This bedroom game pack has 12 printable downloads that are worth $70 if purchased separately. Buy the bundle and save $20. This product includes PDFs of:

Oral Sex Adventure

The oral sex adventure has explicit oral sex and blow job prompts to help you please your spouse. Also, there is a worksheet to help you set the stage for your adventure.

Sexy Would You Rather

This printable has over 150 would you rather questions that are great for date night and get you excited sexually. There are romantic, flirty, and highly sexual questions you can ask your spouse.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Go on a hunt around your house and round up the sexy items you need to have an unforgettable night.

Tease or Treat

This Halloween-themed game can be played at any time of the year. Each card gives you a choice between a tease or treat that provides you with a foreplay move to get each other excited.

Lap Dance Instructions

Feel nervous about giving a lap dance? This printable gives you instructions and a link to a video tutorial (not sexual, mostly talking) that will give you pointers.

Sexy Advent Calendar Steamy Edition

This sexy advent calendar can be used any month of the year. There are 30 sexy prompts and ideas to do each day of the month to excite your lover.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

It’s getting hot in here has a printable board game and a deck of foreplay cards. You will roll a die on your phone or a physical die and move spaces. As you land on the spaces, you may be given a prompt or asked to pull from the foreplay cards. Every time you play this game, it is a different experience.

30 Sexy Questions To Ask Your Spouse

Use these 30 sexy questions to get in the mood on your next date night.

It’s Getting Hot in Here DIY Edition

This printable is laid out the same as the original It’s Getting Hot in Here but has empty spaces where you can write your own ideas. Use the DIY Bedroom Game Ideas printable included in this game pack to come up with foreplay moves you’ll love.

Sexy Advent Calendar Anniversary Edition

The anniversary edition calendar gives you 30 prompts of things you can do to celebrate your anniversary.

Creative Couples Conversation Starters

There are over 100 conversation starters that are perfect for date night. These prompts will help you have meaningful conversations and stay clear of the stresses of your week.

Couples Card Game Anniversary Edition

This card game has romantic questions and prompts that are focused on your anniversary. Perfect for helping you keep your focus on each other when you’re celebrating your years of marriage.