Bedroom Language Worksheet


A quick worksheet that will help you and your spouse explore intimate language together.


A bedroom language is a vocabulary that you and your spouse come up with that is reserved for sexual encounters. You won’t be using these words around your family and friends. If you and your spouse do not typically use this kind of language, then you need to figure out which words are ok and which ones aren’t. For one of your projects, you will be completing our Bedroom Language Worksheet to help you determine which words you like best.

Play around with sexy talk. It might feel weird at first, but the more aroused you become, the more natural it will be. Having an agreed upon bedroom language can add a lot of excitement.

This worksheet will help you and your spouse develop your own bedroom language and start getting more vocal in the bedroom.

Print out this dirty talk worksheet and fill it out so you and your spouse can know what turns the other person on. It’s a great tool to help you get warmed up for a night of passion.