Sexy Advent Calendar - Steamy Edition


The Sexy Advent Calendar – Steamy Edition has 30 prompts with resources and links to products from my shop that will help you feel excited and aroused in the bedroom. There are so many great ideas you can use over and over again! The bedroom games play differently every time, but they are just as exciting. The full list of products and resources are found below.


This Sexy Advent Calendar features steamy foreplay moves, sex positions, bedroom games, and ideas that will help you and your spouse enjoy sex even more. Just reading the prompts and resources is enough to get you excited!

In this pdf calendar, I give you pdf copies of these products from my shop:

Lap Dance Instructions

It’s Getting Hot in Here DIY edition

It’s Getting Hot in Here Full Edition

30 Sexy Questions 


Also, I share resources that will help you with:

-Oral sex and blow jobs

-Sex positions

-Foreplay moves


-Full sex routines