Sexy Scavenger Hunt


A romantic scavenger hunt designed to get you and your spouse to look beyond the normal routine and find something exciting!


This isn’t a solve-the-riddle-and-find-the-treasure kind of hunt. The Sexy Scavenger Hunt starts with a search for everything you’ll need for an evening of hot sex. You and your spouse will split up and find your items.

Then, you bring those together to set up for an evening you won’t soon forget. Throughout the evening (or even all day!), the anticipation will build.

Finally, you and your spouse will brainstorm the details of your sexy encounter. As always, we’ve provided a few tips along the way, including a done-for-you sex plan. Feel free to follow it step by step, or modify it to meet your needs.

Links in the pdf will also take you to helpful articles and additional games that can spice up your hunt! If you want to maximize your night, buy both additional games and get the whole pack for 50% with the coupon “scavengerpack” at checkout.