Sexy Truth or Dare Volume 2


The follow-up to our most popular couples bedroom game!


Slow down, and take some time together with this great game. This couple’s bedroom game features 20 sexy truths and 20 sexy dares to get your love-making off to a great start.

This PDF can be printed out and the cards cut up for your next date night. They are designed to be printed front and back with the truth or dare image on the back of the card. There are instructions on how to do this in the deck.

What is Sexy Truth Or Dare?

Sexy truth or dare is a great foreplay game that you and your spouse can play to spice up your night. It takes a lot of pressure off and allows you to have a lot of fun.

The way this game is set up is similar to the game you used to play when you were a kid. The difference, is that the truths and dares are sexual and include many foreplay moves.

How to Play It

One of the differences with this version is that the truths and dares alternate. You will swipe the pages in the book and be shown alternating cards. You can play it one of two ways. Either one of you will do one truth then one dare and then the other will take the next set, or you will both do all of the prompts.

Each session has 10 prompts. At the end of the session, you can go on to the next session or finish the night by having sex. The whole purpose of these games is for you to enjoy your time together in the bedroom.

Some of the sexy truths or dares in this pack include:

Do you like to play music while we make love? If so, what kind?

Do you like tongue when we kiss? Or closed mouth?

Pick a place on my body and kiss it for a minute.

Sing me a few words from our favorite lovesong.