Tease Or Treat Sexy Bedroom Game


Invite your spouse to an after-hours sexy Halloween party and ask them if they want a Tease or Treat. This couple’s bedroom game will help you create a night to remember.


This product is delivered to you in digital format only. Tease or Treat is a printable PDF that has 20 cards for your and your spouse to draw from. To play the game, you will print the cards out on cardstock or on these labels. You will stack the cards in sequential order, face down, and take turns drawing from the deck. #1 should be at the top of the pile. The first player draws a card and doesn’t let the other person see it. They ask player 2 if they want a Tease or Treat. Then player 2 will answer which one they like. Player 1 reads the prompt to themselves and then does the action to Player 2 for 60 seconds or the number of seconds you agree upon at the beginning of the game. Each player takes turns until you get through the deck.
This game has a Halloween theme but can be played at any time of the year. Who doesn’t want to get a Tease or Treat in any season?