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Conversation starters are always a huge hit with you guys, so I thought I would release more that you can ask one another on your next date. Keep checking back on this post, because I’ll be sure to have Austin create a printable version of these questions….after he gets done with all of our other awesome printables he’s working on!

Conversation starters are always a huge hit with you guys, so I thought I would release more that you can ask one another on your next date.

I left the questions in this post pretty generic for people in either a dating relationship or marriage. Many are great to ask your kids or friends, as well. I hope you enjoy!

If you want some printable or ebook version, check out these resources I have done in the past.

Creative Conversation Starters For Couples eBook

Conversation Starters Printable

30 Sexy Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Date Night Conversation Starters

  1. What goals would you like for us to accomplish as a couple in the coming year?
  2. If we had a free day and $1,000 to spend, what would you want to do with it?
  3. What expression of love from me makes you feel most loved and understood?
  4. What is the top thing you need to accomplish this week, and how can I help you do that?
  5. Did you have any holiday traditions when you were a child?
  6. Did you have any special moments with your parents as a child?
  7. What is the most helpful communication tool you have used to enhance communication with your loved one? ex. email, texting, phone calls, notes….
  8. Would you rather understand the past better or be able to predict the future?
  9. Is there a memory you would like to make together in the next year?
  10. Is your spouse influenced by the weather? If so, what mood do you find your loved one in when it is raining…sunny…cloudy…etc.
  11. What is your spiritual goal as a couple? What goals have you accomplished in the past as a couple?
  12. Describe a time when you felt like you didn’t fit in?
  13. Did you ever feel bullied as a child? If so, describe the situation.
  14. Can you think of a couple that you would like to change places with for a day to see what their life is like? What do you think you would expect to be different than your current life?
  15. Are you polite to one another? If not, how can you be more polite to your loved one?
  16. In what ways do you want to have encouragement and compliments expressed? Do you respond best to physical affection, acts of service, letter writing, etc.
  17. Do you find you and your loved one laughing at things that no one else would find funny? What do those moments show you about your shared sense of humor?
  18. Are there any shared activities that you and your loved one do that you would say bring you closer together?
  19. Is there a way your parents expressed verbal affection toward each other, you and your siblings?
  20. Complete this sentence, “The purpose of our relationship is….”

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