Rainbows- A Sign From God Stretched Across the Sky

Rainbows Are a Sign of Promise

IMG_20140608_194536No matter where I am or what I’m doing, when I see a rainbow, there is always a bit of peace that comes over me. Immediately, I am reminded of God and His promise to the earth. We can certainly see God in many aspects of the world around us, but when a bow is painted across the sky, we can know exactly what He is saying to us.

God told Noah to build an arc, which was a large boat, because He was going to destroy everyone on earth with a massive flood. Noah was obedient and he built the arc just as God directed him to. He pleaded with the people to repent of their sins and join him on the arc. No one other than Noah’s family and the animals God sent to him decided to be get on the boat.

After the flood was over and the waters receded, God opened the doors of the arc and Noah and his family were able to get out. It was then that God stretched a rainbow across the sky and told Noah that this was a sign of God’s promise that He would never flood the earth to that extent again.



The Sight of Rainbows Bring Hope


I’m always humbled when I see a rainbow in the sky. It reminds me that even though I serve a just God, He is also very patient with me. Rainbows show me that God is a God of His word and that He has not broken that promise He made to Noah. With this incredible sign stretched across the sky, I can know God will be faithful.

What an amazing thing to know, that the God of the universe cares for all of us. What He tells us in His Word, the Bible, we can believe and know that He will do what He said. I take comfort in the sight of rainbows, and am forever thankful for those glimpses my God gives me.


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