Resources For New Positions

Resources for New Sex Positions


I know that when it comes to searching out sex positions, you have to be really careful what will come up online. Even books have a lot vulgar language and pictures that you would rather avoid. That’s why I trust Christian Friendly Sex Positions (CFSP) because they create graphics that are not pornographic. But you still get enough information to understand how to do the positions.

If you’re looking for a physical product with these sex positions, check out the deck they sell over at CFSP. These are the top 52 sex positions you can try

I wanted to share with you a few resources that you can use to look up new positions and techniques.

Christian Friendly Sex Positions

These guys are my go to if I’m trying to come up with something different to try in the way of sex positions. You can check out their table of contents to look through the site alphabetically with the titles. Or you can buy their printable cards and print out as a paper copy or look at them on your phone.

Marriage Bed Tips

The people over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions also put this blog together. I really appreciate what they have to say on Marriage Bed Tips, because they explore techniques a bit more. I like their blogging approach to talking about how to please each other in the bedroom.

Also, they have a Christian Friendly Sex Toy store that you can browse through. They work to make sure packaging is porn free and that the toys are safe to use. If you don’t like toys in the bedroom or feel an aversion to those, you should check out their bedroom game selection.

Free Printable Bedroom Games

We have created several free printable bedroom games that you can receive straight in your email. Each game is created with foreplay moves that will help you enjoy your intimate time with your spouse. Head over to my newsletter page to sign up for those printables.

Married Christian Sex

The bloggers over at Married Christian Sex have a lot of games and write ups on positions and techniques. They are a good resource for spicing things up, but also like to address questions from readers and give a Biblical perspective.

Tips For Trying New Sex Positions

Hopefully, you get some great resources to help you spend time making love with your spouse. I always suggest that if you are going to try a new position, make sure you are ready to help your spouse orgasm if it is not working for them.

Often times, new sex positions aren’t always as good for the wife. Go ahead and work to give her an orgasm before you try something else. This way, she’ll be even more sensitive to it and have a better chance of orgasming with the new sex position.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    It’s worth pointing out that many positions you’ll see are anatomically impossible, But they can still be fun to attempt 🙂

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