We are often asked for a list of our resources. Here are the products we have created and others that we recommend.

Bedroom Games

One of our most popular resources is bedroom games. We’ve created these games as a way for you to explore your sexuality and have deeper intimacy.

Sexy Truth Dare

Similar to the game you played as a kid, Sexy Truth or Dare asks a serious of steamy questions and gives sexual dares. Husband and wife take turns asking the other whether they want a truth or dare. Then they pull from the appropriate pile to reveal the truth or dare.

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We have many different printable bedroom games that you can get from our Shop.

These other bedroom games include:

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Sexy Picture Dare

Bedroom Game Anniversary Edition

Kiss Me I’m Irish

Conversation Starters

We are passionate about helping couples to go deeper in conversation. With the right questions, you can have great chats with your spouse.

Some of the resources that we have created include:

Creative Conversation Starters

If you are looking for sexy questions, then check out-

30 Sexy Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Some free conversation starter resources include these blog posts:

Question to Ask on Your Next Date Night

10 Conversation Starters to Get Conversations Going

Conversation Starters that we have used-

Love Talk Starters

Table Topics

Books We Love

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman


Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Resources From Our Favorite Bloggers

Jerry Stumph- Overcome Marriage Problems With Effective Listening Skills

Shannon Ellis- Lingerie fitting resources (personal fitting for bras and intimate wear)


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