Romantic Getaway Packing List

I am all for romantic getaways with your spouse. In fact, it’s one of the core things my parents taught me from the time I was little. Every year, they went on a trip to California. It was a work trip that they turned into a getaway from life and kids. 

Austin and I have done a handful of getaways in our married life. We always come back relaxed and renewed. Also, it’s a great time to connect emotionally. 

Today, I brought on a guest, Sumeet, to share with us a few things you should take on your romantic trip. Several of these are just practical things you need to have with you. Others are the necessities to make the trip sizzle. 

Here’s what he said: 

We all like surprises, and even better if they are romantic. As much as we look forward to such gestures, we are usually underprepared. This kind of getaway allows you to spend the much needed time with your partner. If it is a surprise, you are not expected to be fully equipped. However, a little preparation will make you enjoy the trip even more. 

It doesn’t take much. All you need is to bring with you a few things that will help you enjoy the experience. Here are the things that need to be included in your packing list.

1. An Assortment of Shoes

You want to enjoy some relaxing time with your partner. Depending on your destination, you might end up hiking, taking evening strolls, and doing a lot of walking. Since moving from one point to another is inevitable, it is good that you prepare yourself. Heels and formal shoes for men may not be the best items to have on the list. 

Sneakers, sandals, and flats may be ideal for this situation. Also, you can include orthotic insoles to make footwear more comfortable by distributing pressure.

2. A Camera Other Than Your Cellphone 

You will come across scenes worth capturing, and it will be sad if you won’t be having the means to do so. That is why a camera is very critical when going for a romantic getaway. A good camera will help you capture amazing moments, and allow you to relive the days or even years after the getaway. If you are traveling light, you could use your phone camera instead.

However, you are encouraged to carry a dedicated camera as it will produce quality images, and you will definitely not run out of storage space when you most need it.

3. A Grooming Kit

Most of the hotels will only provide the necessary toiletries, bathing soap, and maybe shampoo. Remember that you will be taking a lot of photos, and you also need to look good for your significant other. That is why a grooming kit must not be forgotten.

If you are a fan of makeup, you don’t have to carry your entire makeup set in a suitcase. A light-weight, convenient grooming kit with a few essentials will keep you looking as good as you need to be. 

4. Sunscreen For Summer Vacations

If you are not too careful, your romantic getaway will be ruined by sunburns. That does not need to happen. You can be proactive and protect your skin from the damaging UV rays by packing a bottle of sunscreen. Yes, it will add a few grams to your case, but you will be glad you brought it.

5. A Romantic Gift

Yes, you heard correct. Time together is already a gift, but you can make your experience much better by carrying a gift, a small as it may be, and give it to your significant other on the last day of your vacation. It will be an excellent and sentimental way to end your holiday. 

It could be anything from a box of perfume, jewelry, or anything else that speaks romance. Every time your partner sees the gift, he or she will walk down the memory lane. Who knows, they might even be motivated to organize another getaway!

6. Breathable Clothes That Look Good on You

Unless you are going to Siberia, you should leave your favorite fur coat at home. A romantic get way needs a minimalist. Carry light clothes like sundresses, shorts, t-shirts, camisoles, and tank-tops. These types of attire will significantly reduce your luggage and make you look effortlessly good. 

You do not want clothes that will make you all sweaty and tired. The same applies to footwear; the lighter and simpler the shoes, the more fun your getaway will be.

7. Men’s and Women’s Lingerie 

This is not the kind of vacation where you will be sleeping it a t-shirt. Therefore, you should not shy away from packing your fresh collection of lingerie. Silk lingerie will have the efforts appreciated. Also, you will finally get to wear those pieces that usually lie idle in your drawers.

8. Painkillers and Prescription Medicine 

You do not want your romantic trip to be ruined when your partner feels under the weather. If you are under medication, it is essential to continue with your prescription even if you are away from home. This will not only speed up recovery but also prevent you from falling sick. Painkillers are essential; you might need one after walking on the sun the whole day. 

Having the right packing list is the first step towards a successful trip. If you are going for a romantic getaway, you will undoubtedly need the items listed above. They are easy and light to pack. Do not forget to carry a good and sentimental mood for the trip.

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