Romantic Gifts to Show Him How Much You Care

Anytime of the year that you want to romance your man’s heart, here are some gifts that will help you do that. Showing your spouse just how much you care about them is very important. You don’t have to wait for any special day to show him you love him. Here are some great ways to say “I love you, celebrate an anniversary, give as a birthday gift for him, or just have fun with each other.

1. Room Service


Who doesn’t love getting the opportunity to quietly relax in their bed and order for room service. Give your man a blank dinner menu card to fill out his food order. While you are preparing the meal, give him another room service card that he can list his desires once the kids go to bed. Check out the link below for free printables.


2. Candy Bar Bouquet


For a sweet bouquet of treats, make or buy a candy bar bouquet. Some fun candy bars to include would be Sugar daddy, Big Hunk, 100 Grand, or Payday.  Attach a steamy or fun note to each candy bar.


3. A Kiss Flip Book


Blow your darling a kiss with a flip book. Take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss. Print the picture about 30 times. Take a marker and add a heart to each picture. On each picture, move the heart a little further away. When you flip the book it will look like the heart is coming near you.


4. Chocolate Bacon Candy Bar


What says I love you better than chocolate and bacon? Your man will love this combination and feel incredibly romanced. This will take it up a notch from heart shaped candy.


5. I Love You Countdown


Use a mini muffin tin to display countdown tags for the 24 days leading up to the day you want to celebrate. On the underside of each tag, write a reason that you love your significant other. On the last tag, write a way that you plan to show your love just what you think of them. Print the tags using the link below.


6. Love Scratchers


Print off a blank heart scratcher. In the blanks, write something you will do for your sweetheart. You can get as creative as you like with your message. Color over the message with a white crayon. Paint over top of the crayon with grey colored craft paint. The paint will easily scratch off with the use of a coin.


7. Fortune Cookies


Use felt or paper to cut out these simple fortune cookie designs. Write your personal message on the inside for your loved one to open. You can make predictions of fun and romantic gifts your man will receive for the special occasion you are celebrating.


8. ABC’s


Print out the ABC cards from the link below. Use each card to write about a time you remember from your relationship. Or you can write something on each card that you love about him.


9. Text a Picture

snap-a-selfie-for-a-flirty-text (1)

Write I love you on a piece of paper and hold it while you take a selfie. Text it to your husband any day you want to show him how much you care for him. Anytime you want to let him know you are just thinking about him. It could also be used as a creative way saying “I love you”.


10. Massage


Give your darling a coupon for a massage whenever he is ready. This is perfect as a birthday gift or an anniversary gift. Put together a massage basket. Include a small towel, massage oil, candle, relaxing cd, and massage coupons. Use the link below to make your own massage coupons.


Whatever you are celebrating with your husband, these ideas will let you think outside of the box of normal gifts. You will help to nurture his well being and kindle the romance in your marriage. It is always a good thing to keep the romance alive between you and the man you love.

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