Romantic Things You Can Do While Wearing Lingerie

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Romantic Thngs You Can Do While Wearing Lingerie


Have you ever taken the time to put on lingerie, only to find it on the floor in about 2 seconds? I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you come out in something seductive? I’m pretty practical, so if I take the time to get dressed up, I want to do more than just take it off.

It’s taken some time for me to brainstorm, but I’ve come up with some romantic ideas for when you are in lingerie. These ideas will prolong your time with your spouse so you both can enjoy being sexy together.

Dance Together

Select music that you and your spouse will enjoy dancing to. You can go with soft and slow, or upbeat. Whatever you feel comfortable doing with one another.

If you do not care for dancing, doing it before you have sex may change your mind about it. Don’t be afraid to try different things out.

Have a Candlelit Dinner

Romantic candlit dinner

After your kids go to bed, have a candlelit dinner with one another. If you are afraid they will come out of their rooms and see you, then take snacks to your bedroom and set up in there.

You can play music during your dinner time to help set the mood. Whatever you decide to talk about, make sure it is light and fun.

Play a Bedroom Game

The biggest posts on my site are for bedroom games. Austin and I have put together many free printables to make these games simple for you to download and print out.

When you take the guesswork out of foreplay, it makes it a lot easier to relax. You don’t always know what you are in the mood for, so these games can really help you out.

Find all of the sexy games on this site on the:

Bedroom Game Page 

couples truth and sexy dares

Use Conversation Starters To Have Meaningful Talks

It is a lot of fun to talk with your spouse about sexy things or hope and dreams. When you do this while you are both cuddled up and dressed to impress, it can make it even more intimate.

Not sure what to talk about? Check out the conversation starters I put together to make it easier for you.

Also, I like the book Love Talk Starters: 275 Questions to Get Your Conversations Going. Austin and I have owned this book for several years and we still ask one another questions from it.

Have a Picnic In The Floor

living room

It can be a lot of fun to spread a blanket out on the floor and pile up a few pillows to sit on. Again, if you are worried that your children will come out into the house and see you, then take the picnic to your bedroom.

Put together a few snacks and enjoy time sitting with each other. If you have a fireplace, you might want to sit in front of it for ambiance.

Light some candles, play soft music, and incorporate the conversation starters into the scene.

Having an at home date night is very special if you take time to put it together. For more tips, check out the post I wrote for:

At Home Date Nights 

sexy truth or dare for couples in the bedroom

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  1. Congrats again on your innovative suggestions for a very relevant topic. You always tastefully fill in so many practical details for married couples and we appreciate that!

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