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My Romantic Valentine’s Bedroom


I have said it before, I just love to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I showed you some of the pictures from other parts of my house a few weeks ago. However, I didn’t show you anything from my romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom.

Romantic Valentine’s Decorations For The Bedroom

I’m a big Christmas lights fanatic. To me, plugging in a strand or two of lights casts the best glow for a romantic night.

When the stores were getting rid of their Christmas clearance, I found a few boxes of red lights to purchase. I thought these would make for a nice edition to my decor.

Here are a few of the pictures from my bedroom and how I’ve used the lights and a few other Valentine’s items to create a beautiful look in my room.

Romantic Bedroom

It’s hard to tell, but I have red and white lights hanging above the bed. It is much easier to see when you are in my room with the lights off.

Romantic picture

This is a picture from a photo booth that Austin and I took several years ago. I thought it looked awesome with the decor and the lights.

Romantic lights

Again, the lights! By now, you know that I love to lights. 🙂 This is a basket that I have next to my dresser.

Romantic Valentines Bedroom

Here are a few rose petals on my bed. I thought it made for a beautiful look.

This is just a little look around at my romantic bedroom. I hope that you have a great Valentine’s Day with your lover!

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