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One of my favorite nights of the year is Halloween. Austin and I love to dress up with one another. I’ve always enjoyed getting into character and fortunately, I married someone who likes to join me.

How We Choose a Couple’s Costume

Around this time of the year, we start thinking about the types of couple’s costumes we can dress up in. I’m all about homemade costumes if possible. Sometimes, I will buy parts of a pre-made costume and then add to it.

It is important to me to use what we have and craft our costumes into existence. That is part of the fun of Halloween in my opinion.

Normally, we base our costumes off of one of two things:

  • What we have on hand
  • Something that catches our fancy

We’ve made costumes from shows we were really into. Other times, we have come up with creative ideas based off of the materials we have on hand.

This year, we are working on costumes from Back to the Future. If you are sci-fi geek, then you know this October is the year that Marty McFly traveled to in the first movie. According to Austin, it only makes sense that we go this route.

Couples Costume Roundup

I put together a roundup of some great couple’s costume ideas that you can check out. Several are ones that we have done in the past. Hopefully you will feel inspired to dress up this year and have a great time together as a family.

DIY Mary Poppins Costume

Mary poppins

A few years ago, I got the bug to dress up like Mary Poppins. Austin dressed up as Bert. Of all the costumes we put together, this one was the best received.

We have a running gag that Austin’s costume never makes sense until I show up. Everyone saw him first and asked if he was a newsie or something else. When I came in, there was no question who I was. We made so much sense together.

How to Dress Like Maleficent


I had the chance of dressing up for an event on my own last year. Dressing like Maleficent was definitely on my mind because we had just seen the movie. I loved the movie, btw. Not what I was expecting, but certainly a good one.

It took some doing, but I rigged up some horns, put together a great outfit and used YouTube videos to teach me how to do the makeup. It turned out great.

My Own Roundup

I wrote a post last year with several different costumes Austin and I dressed up as. In this post, you will find these different ideas:

  • Robin Hood and Maid Marian
  • A couple of punks
  • Elf and a reindeer
  • Bug catcher and ladybug
  • Winter storm and Black Friday
  • Blackbird and Scarecrow

From Around The Web

Here are some links to some other great costume ideas from around the web.

The Dating Divas:

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Your Turn

These are some ideas that we have come up with in the past and links to other great ideas. If you have an idea that you don’t see up here, please feel free to leave me a message. I would love to have other ideas to look at.

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