Does it Feel Different to Have Sex After You’ve Lost Weight?

I think that weight gain happens so gradually, that it can be hard to notice how difficult it can make things…including sex.

So, does it feel different to have sex after you’ve lost weight? The answer depends on how much weight you’ve lost. Basically, if you drop down a clothing size, you are going to notice some changes.

Here’s some of the things you can expect to feel different when you lose weight-

Breathe Easier

sex after weight loss

The less weight you are carrying, the easier it is to breathe in general. If you are easily winded during sex, losing the extra weight can make a big difference for you.

If your spouse loses weight, it can also make it easier for you to breathe. The less weight that you have laying on top of your chest, the easier it will be to breathe.

Increase Stamina

Many times, people will focus on exercising to help them lose weight. Increasing your exercise will help you have greater stamina during sex. Even if you don’t work out, having less body to move around will increase your stamina.

Increased stamina can result in stronger orgasms for both husband and wife. It can also help a wife reach multiple orgasms. It takes a lot of physical exertion to have more than one orgasm.

Deeper Penetration

sex after weight loss

I was talking with Jay Dee, over at Uncovering Intimacy earlier about this. He said that carrying extra weight can reduce the length of a man’s penis. It is estimated that 30 pounds extra can cover up to an inch of a man’s penis.

Also, the more weight you lose, the less body mass there is to get in the way of connection. Thinner thighs, smaller stomach, longer penis- all contribute to deeper penetration.

Different Sex Positions

Losing weight can open up different sex positions. The less you weigh, the more mobility you will have. Not only is mobility increased, but less body mass can make some positions do-able that weren’t before.

A few months ago, Crystal Paine, from The Money Saving Mom, was talking about her health goals. All summer, I watched her beef up through weight lifting. It was hugely inspirational. Meeting those goals lead her to work on other aspect of her health.

She has struggled with allergies, acne, and eczema for years. It was her goal to figure out how to clear up those conditions and get off the medicines she was taking for it. She shared how she started working with a nutritionist and radically changed her diet. Those changes helped her get off the medicines she was on.

I’ve struggled with asthma, allergies, and eczema my entire life. I was so inspired by her discipline, that I decided challenge myself to give up-

  • Sugars
  • Grains
  • Dairy

While I haven’t given these three things up completely, I only allow myself to eat one cheat meal with these ingredients once a week.

Here’s what I found- when I cut these things out of my diet, it greatly reduces my asthma trouble. It also keeps me from having to take as many allergy pills. I don’t know how it has affected my eczema yet, because I generally break out in the summer.

Making Health Goals And Sticking With Them

What have you done to lose weight that has been working?

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