Sex Facts That Satisfied Couples Know

Even if you are having sex on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean you are feeling satisfied with the sex. There are things that sexually satisfied couples know to be true.

Sex is For Both People- Never Just One

Have you ever gotten in bed, and it became quite clear that any sexual acts would not be enjoyed by both parties? Maybe you have limited time, and they don’t want to do what it takes in order for you to have an orgasm. 

It could be on you. If you don’t feel like having sex and you tell your partner that the sex is for them, then there is no way you’ll walk away satisfied. If your sex life is made up of one-sided satisfaction, then you will struggle to build intimacy. 

Truly satisfied couples will both walk away from the encounter with warm feelings, not just one person. 

Switching Things Up Adds Excitement 

Figuring out what works and sticking with it, in general, is not a problem. However, if you have a steady diet of your usual, it can make you feel less satisfied. Eventually, you feel bored and just sexually engage to get it over with. 

Those that love to be together often will crave spicing things up. As their desire for one another grows, it will come out in their actions toward each other in the bedroom. 

They will not be ok to stick in the same position for too many days in a row. After a few times of being together, they naturally want something different. 

Having Sex Regularly Is A Priority

A sexually satisfied couple will make sure that sex is a priority in their marriage. Good sex doesn’t just happen. You have to work at it together as a couple. Sometimes, you have to schedule the sex to ensure it takes place. 

When you have a good love life, you will want to have that intimate time together. It completes you and makes you feel connected. That is why a sexually satisfied couple will make sure that sex takes place often. 

There Is More That Goes Into Sex Than Just The Main Event

Sex can’t be all about the orgasm. If it is all about the orgasm, then you will not walk away satisfied. Those who have an amazing love life know that orgasm is the crescendo to the amazing things they are doing together. 

These couples spend a lot of time on foreplay a few times a week. They can be found doing those nauseating things in public, like holding hands and kissing each other goodbye. Instead of saving it all for the bedroom, they invest in each other throughout the day. Just the other day, I wrote about ways to show your significant other love, which these couples that I am describing here, probably partake in regularly.

Sexual satisfaction takes work and time. You don’t get there without putting in the effort, and you don’t stay there without putting in the same amount of effort.

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