Why Sex in Marriage Can Be So Great

Not every married couple has a rocking sex life, but those that have been able to work through their sexual issues usually find that having sex with the same person for years is amazing. I think that there are so many benefits to being in a long-term sexual relationship with your spouse. Here are some of my thoughts. 

Why  Sex in Marriage Can Be So Great

1. Your Spouse Gets to Really Know You

When you have sex with your spouse for many years, they already know what you enjoy. That is not to say you don’t have to communicate with your lover. However, you don’t have to give quite as much guidance when you’ve been intimate with the same person for many years. 

I will give a caveat to this because I think a lot of couples end up in a sexual rut if they are not careful. But, if you switch things up pretty regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Your Spouse Gets To Really Know You

2. It Is Easier To Try New Things

Since you have built so much trust with your spouse, it is easy to try new things in the bedroom. Both of you have gotten over a lot of the insecurities you felt at the start. Once you have a good foundation with someone, you can move on to more involved moves. 

3. You Have The Opportunity For More Sex

When you and your spouse are both enthusiastic about sex, then you have the opportunity for more sex. More sex means more time to get better at it. Sure, there are going to be times in your marriage where you won’t spend as many nights locked in passion as others, but as long as you are in a healthy relationship, you’ll be together often. 

You Have The Opportunity For More Sex

4. Orgasms Might Come Easier

Women that struggle with climaxing have an easier time getting to that point when they have been in a relationship for a longer period of time. Since orgasms are mostly mental, women that feel safe with a man have an easier time letting go. The familiarity, frequency, and trust go a long way in helping them reach physical bliss.

5. Builds a Deeper Connection

Each and every time you have sex with your lover, you will feel more connected to them. Over years of interacting on a physically intimate level, your connection will go deeper. 

6. Feel More Satisfied

Couples that have been together for a long period of time report that they feel more satisfied in their sex life. The deeper you know your partner, the more satisfied you will be when you are together. There is something to be said about familiarity in feeling satisfaction. 

I think that sex in marriage can get hotter over time as long as you are both willing to grow in that area of your life. 

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