Rear Entry and Oral Sex Positions For Her

Here’s the thing about sex positions- most of them suck. I mean seriously, you can’t get into these positions if your life depended on it.

sex positions for her

Now, not all positions are unreasonable. There are definitely different positions you and your spouse can get into to maximize your enjoyment.

My Suggestion About Trying New Sex Positions

If you want to try a new sex position, I suggest that you have a backup plan. Just because something looks doable, it might not work out. It’s ok if you can’t get into the position, or if you can, it doesn’t do much for you.

Another thing to consider is that most sex positions that are doable are great for guys, but not always for women. Consider doing something to bring the wife to orgasm before trying a new position. It can actually make the position feel better for her because she’s excited.

If there is a way to incorporate a vibrator into the position, that can make it more exciting for the wife. Bullet and egg vibrators are small enough for this purpose.

If you want to put together an oral sex adventure, check out this bedroom game I created. It has 15 oral sex prompts for wives and 15 for husbands. Plus there is a worksheet to help you set the mood.

Oral Sex Positions For Her

Oral sex can be really amazing for a woman if she gets in the right frame of mind and the right position. I put together a guide below for some of the different positions a woman get in for oral sex. If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll explain more.

Cunnilingus Positions

Cunnilingus is when a man gives a woman oral sex. This is just to distinguish who is receiving
the oral pleasure. All of the positions I’m talking about below will help a woman get into great
positions while her husband pleases her with his mouth.

On Knees While Leaning Back

If you want to get a bit more active with your oral pleasure, this is a great position. You will get
on your knees than then lean back using your hands to prop yourself up.

Have your lover get into a comfortable position so that he can reach you. Don’t be afraid to arch
your back. It will actually make the sensations feel even better.

Kneeling Over His Face

Straddle your husband’s face with your knees right above his shoulders. You will need to spread
your legs enough to be close enough to his mouth for him to please you. He can also use his
fingers inside of you in this position.

You can either keep yourself positioned on all fours, or you can sit up while he pleases you.
Sitting up will put more strain on your legs than being on all fours. Switch it up so that you can
get the break your legs need.

Legs Over His Shoulders

Lay on your back and bring your knees up toward your chest. Have your man lay on his
stomach with his face between your legs. Once he gets into position, you can put your legs over
his shoulders.

During this move, you might want to bring your legs back up to your chest for a more stimulating
position. Move your legs up or out to change to figure out what you like.

Sit On a Counter or on a Table

Sit on a counter or table that is high enough for your husband to reach you. He might need to
get on his knees if the table is shorter. You can also sit on a pillow if you are not quite high
enough for him to reach you.

He will need to bend over or sit in a chair to get to you comfortably. You will need to spread your
legs and lean back. Either you can prop yourself up with your hands, or lean against a wall if
you are on a counter

Something to consider with oral sex is that you should arch your back in some way while your husband stimulates your clitoris. Arching your back will tighten up your clit and make what he is doing feel better. So, if you are sitting on his face, then you should try leaning backward.

Girl On Top Rear Entry

Having a husband enter his wife from behind can be very visually stimulating as well as helps him go deeper. The problem is that this position can be too deep for her comfort. That is why girl on top can be a good idea because it gives her depth of control.

As a note, when you are trying a rear-entry position, if you, the husband, are having a hard time getting in your wife, it is a good idea to use lubrication. Lube will make it easier.

Here is some advice below that explains the way to do this position.

Girl on Top Rear Entry

A lot of couples like rear entry positions. This is a great position for the husband to go deeper
inside of the wife. The issue with this position can be the depth because it can cause discomfort
if he goes too deep. To get better control with the rear entry you can try the girl on top method.

The husband sits on the bed or in a chair that will provide a comfortable height for the wife to
squat. Tell him to lean back and hold himself up with his hands. Ask him to spread his legs so
that you have somewhere to stand.

Now ladies…listen up…actual sexy sex is not how you see it in the movies. When you are
actually having sex, you’re going to have to grab his penis and guide it into you. It’s not just
going to end up in there on its own…I don’t care what Hollywood says.

Here is where you are going to have to do a lot of guidance. You need to squat down like you
are going to sit on your man’s lap. Then you will have to guide him into your vagina.

Once he is inside of you, you can move up and down however fast or deep you like. This is a
perfect way to keep from feeling the pain of your man going in too deep.

You will need to prop your arms on his legs or your own legs to keep yourself from falling over.
Believe me…you don’t want to fall over while your man is inside of you.

A Few Pointers On New Positions

I won’t lie, you are going to need some stamina with this one. If you haven’t been doing your
squats lately, you are going to be feeling it with this position. I’m not trying to discourage you
from trying, but just know you might not be able to walk to the bathroom for a while after you are

You might consider using some lube to make it easier to get into position. If you are dry at all,
this is not going to end well for you.

Another thing you might want to use is a vibrator. If you can only orgasm through clitoral
stimulation, this is not going to do much for you. I suggest you use the vibrator on yourself,
instead of having your man do that. He’s going to need to use both his hands to hold himself up.

If the wife feels like rear entry is too deep, the husband can stay still and she can move. Even if she is not in the girl on top position, she can move.

These are a few different positions that you can try that are doable. Hopefully one will work well for you.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi, firstly thanks for your blog. I have a question, not directly related to the post but it is a rear entry question.

    My wife and I would sometimes spoon naked. I have often tried to get my penis near her vulva to see where things might lead, (sex!) but I just can’t get my penis anywhere near the right opening. There isn’t much of a height difference. What am I doing wrong? I’d love if you could describe in detail how I can get my penis into her in this spooning position. It would be nice to even be able to spoon but with me inside her. Thanks.

  2. Hi there! I recommend that she lift her leg up, spread her butt cheeks, and arch her back towards you to make it easier for you to get in the right position. Also, you should scoot down in the bed a bit more so that you can be lower down and move up into the position. Once you are able to penetrate her, then you both can move into a more comfortable position. Most of the time, a man cannot simply slip inside of his wife in the spooning position.

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