If you are looking for new sex positions, I want to share with you a resource I trust. Christian Friendly Sex Positions is a great website that aims to share different positions you can try without porn or vulgar language.

They have hundreds of positions, but I wanted to highlight a few of them.

Oral Sex Positions

Here are a few different positions you can get into for giving and receiving oral sex.

For her:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Blazing Saddles

Under the Sink

Need tips on how to give your wife better oral sex? Check out what El Furry from Married Christian Sex has to say about How to Rub a Clitoris.

Using a vibrator can really help you to bring your wife to orgasm if oral sex isn’t getting her there. Here is a great choice for a first vibrator: Satin Scoop 

For him:

Southern Exposure


Not sure how to give your husband oral sex? Check out what J at Hot Holy Humorous has to say about it in her Oral Sex: How to post.

If you are having a hard time bring your husband to orgasm through oral sex, you can try a sleeve. This is a good choice if you have never used one before: Mood Pleaser Massage.

Sex in a Chair

Sex Positions Roundup

If you have the right type of chair, you can consider having sex while seated. You will need to have one without arms, or you have the ability to get your legs through the arm holes. Also, it needs to be short enough for you to sit on top of your spouse and still move.

Hobbyhorse– in a rocking chair

Packing the suitcase


Rear Entry

There are different positions you can get into to make rear entry a lot of fun. Here are a few you can try.

Leg Slider

When in Doubt

Husband On Top

Who says guy on top sex positions are not fun? These might be a few you will want to try.


Wife on Top

Here are a few wife on top positions you can do together.

Lazy Love Seat

Can You Feel Me Now?

Locked Cowgirl

Things to Keep In Mind When Trying a New Sex Position

I wanted to personally put together this list of positions you can try. There are a lot of positions out there that are impossible to do. I read the descriptions and most of these seem fairly do-able. Obviously, each couple will have their own challenges physically.

Before you and your spouse enter into your time of intimacy, pick out two or three things to try out. It is best to have these things decided on ahead of time so that you know exactly what you are going to do when you start your time of intimacy.

It is also a good idea to give yourself a little extra time. If you are trying out different things, you need to give yourself plenty of time to experiment.

Make Sure Your Sexual Needs Get Met

Since there is no way to guarantee that a new position will bring one or both of you to orgasm, be sure to meet one another’s sexual needs. If something isn’t working, just stop and do something different. You might end up just going back to the things that are old standbys.

It is okay if you try stuff out that doesn’t work. The important thing is to be adventurous with your lover and getting into different positions can be a great way to do that.

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