What Kinds of Sex Toys Are Available For Men?

I had a reader ask me to do a video about sex toys for men. Just as a note, I believe that all marital aids should be used between a husband and wife. I don’t think you should purchase sex toys so that you can please yourself as a way of avoiding sex with your spouse. Or use toys without your spouse’s knowledge.

Looking for a good place to buy a new toy? I trust Married Dance for this type of purchase because they are porn-free on the site and only ship porn-free packaging. There are a lot of things you just don’t need to see in the sex toy world. But, Married Dance offers great products for Christians.

There are a lot of sex toys for men on the market that I wouldn’t recommend. Often times, these toys are designed for solo sex and there is no place for that in marriage. However, the toys I’m going to highlight are designed to help a husband and wife enjoy their time of intimacy better.

I’ve talked about sex toys for women before and shared that there are some on the market that can enhance your time with your spouse. If one or both of you struggles to reach orgasm, some of these toys can help you with that.

I wanted to highlight a few of these sex toys for men and share with you the purpose of them.


A penis sleeve or hand stroker can be used by your wife to stimulate you. Once you are erect, she can place the sleeve on you and bring you to orgasm that way. This type of toy can add a lot to her giving you a hand job.

If your wife is not able to have intercourse with you for some reason, this can be a good solution for you guys to connect sexually. In turn, you can use a vibrator on her as a way to please her.

This is a good solution for when she is on her period, certain times in her pregnancy, or if she is dealing with some other physical ailment. If she has been put on pelvic rest due to pregnancy or UTI, then you need to clear it with a doctor before you use a vibrator on her.

Here are two you might want to try out:

Power Stroker 

Stud Stroker:

Here is a link to several other strokers for guys. You may find that this is a great addition to your sexual repertoire to change things up in the bedroom.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators can be used to stimulate the frenulum on a husband’s penis. The husband can control the speed while the wife rubs across the frenulum, testicles, or up and down his penis.

It can also be used to gently massage the anus. If you plan to massage the anus with it, I recommend putting it in a condom to help with sanitation.

Here are several great bullet vibrators that would work well for this type of stimulation.


Did you ever walk into a bathroom and see this type of sex toy being sold on the wall? I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time, but I used to.

Honestly, I didn’t understand this type of toy until I talked with the owner of Married Dance. He told me that it is really for those that struggle to keep their erections. This is not a toy that is designed for a male that has a strong erection the entire time.

Here is a good Penis Ring  for you to check out if you need this additional help.


This is another type of toy that can help men that suffer from ED or find it hard to get an erection. The penis pump is designed to help pull blood into your penis so that you can get an erection.

There are other factors that can keep you from getting hard, such as stress, being tired, and reactions from medications, among other factors. Using a pump can help you become stimulated enough so that you can have sex.

Here is a penis pump you can try:

Pump Worx Accu-Meter Power Penis Pump

Like I said at the start, there are plenty of toys on the market for men that are not beneficial to your marriage bed. These toys are made for guys to masturbate with or play out fantasies on their own. The toys I’ve highlighted are designed to enhance your time together.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to read that you don’t approve of solo masturbation in a marriage. I would go insane without having that outlet. My wife and I gave mismatched libidos so by giving myself pleasure I take the pressure off her to have sex. I want her to have sex because she wants to, not because she feels she has to. Meanwhile I can give myself relief and avoid prostate problems.

  2. I would recommend the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo.
    This has been a great addition to our fun and intimacy. It’s fun for my wife to use this on me and I use a vibrator on her at the same time. It has helped us when we
    Don’t have time for the whole shebang and when we are tired too. It cups you and vibrates with different settings.
    We both enjoy together. Is worth a try, as there is nothing that we found like this.

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