Sexy Advent Calendar For Couples

A sexy advent calendar for couples can be used all year long to do fun and sexy things with your spouse. Of course, it’s great for the holidays, and we have used it for our sexy stocking gifts. But you can also use the sexy advent calendar couples for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthday gifts, or just because. Give this sex advent calendar to your spouse, and every day, surprise them with something sexy. You can give it to them ahead of the holiday or for whatever reason you are celebrating.

Sexy Advent Calendar For Couples Printables

Couples are always looking for great ways to celebrate milestones in their relationship as well as holidays and special occasions. That’s why I put together a roundup of the best sexy Advent Calendars printables that you can use year-round to celebrate with your sweety. You can use these sexy advent calendar ideas to bring the heat back into your marriage.

Steamy Edition Advent Calendar

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life during this festive season? The Steamy Edition is full of very sexy things you can do with your spouse. I give you access to my favorite bedroom games, It’s Getting Hot in Here and It’s Getting Hot in Here DIY Edition, Lap Dance Instructions, and 30 Sexy questions you can ask your spouse.

There are 30 prompts with resources, bedroom games, and other links throughout the pdf of this steamy calendar that you can click.

You can purchase the steamy edition here.

Anniversary Edition Advent Calendar

I created an Anniversary edition of the calendar to help you reconnect as a couple and be reminded of your days when you were newly married and in your dating years. This is the perfect way to rekindle those feelings and emotions of love and excitement for your relationship.

In this edition, I put together 30 prompts that are made up of products from my shop, resources, sex positions, and foreplay moves you can enjoy for the whole month long. There are 4 weeks’ worth of prompts to get you in the mood.

I tried to focus on romance with the ideas I give you so you can build your intimacy with one another. Intimacy is so much more than just sex.

Buy the anniversary edition here.

Christmas Edition Advent Calendar

Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy created a Sexy Advent Calendar that he sells during the month of November leading up to Christmas. He really wants to make sure that people are getting the most out of the game, so he only sells it in time to start with the advent season. 

He created 3 different spice levels on the calendar to meet every person’s needs. You can go with the lowest spice for non-sexual ideas. It’s great for couples that want to increase their romance without the pressure of sex.

The second level is great for those that want foreplay move ideas that will help them feel excited. If you want to be stretched in your sexual intimacy, then get the Black Label printable. 

Sexy Christmas Calendar

Uncovering Intimacy

This calendar is meant to be used at the beginning of December and it runs to Christmas Eve. Jay Dee’s calendar comes in 3 spice levels and here is a look at a card from each set:

Romantic (completely non-sexual)

In Jay Dee’s romantic set, he tries to avoid sexual prompts. Not all couples are in a place where they can enjoy a sexual Christmas Advent calendar. If you’re looking for something non-sexual to do during the season, you can also check out these ideas:

Creative Conversation Starters For Couples

Snuggle Date In Front Of The Christmas Tree

Use the Melt Massage Techniques (see my full review of the videos here)

These romantic ideas will help you relax and unwind from the busy season. I know there’s a lot going on, but making time for each other is so important.

Sexy (foreplay moves and positions)

The Advent Calendar for couples that Jay Dee sells has foreplay moves that you will love. He avoids controversial things, but you can certainly avoid a prompt if you’re not comfortable with it.

Other steamy things to do during the Christmas Advent season include:

Use my sexy Advent calendar to pick a few fun things to do throughout the month.

Do intimate things while wearing lingerie

Spend more time on foreplay

Tease and Treat your spouse with a bedroom game

Don’t let your time of sexual intimacy fall into the cracks during Advent. One thing about Advent calendars is that you don’t have to do everything that’s on them. Just do what you can. If it becomes too much, pick up in January!

Black Label (butt stuff and other erotic bedroom moves)

In the black-label edition of the advent calendar, Jay Dee includes some foreplay moves and sex positions that are a bit outside of some people’s comfort zones. You can always skip anything that you don’t like or want to do.

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas For Couples

Want to make your own calendar for the holiday season? Here are some great ideas to make a calendar for you and your partner.

Truth Or Dare

If you would rather not do the calendar, use the cards from my sexy truth or dare. Just print them out, put them in envelopes and open one every day that you have left in the advent season. Or start it on Christmas day.

Lingerie Advent Calendar

I love to send people to the Honoring Intimates website to buy lingerie because the lingerie pictures are porn free. Also, the tags on the clothing are appropriate. Why not buy enough for a week and create your own experience?

Go here and pick out 7 pieces of lingerie you think your spouse would like.

And men, don’t worry; you can still join in on the fun. Here is a post I wrote with sexy outfit ideas for husbands.

Bedroom Games

You can easily purchase, download, and print a sexy bedroom game to put into your stockings. We have put together many great sexy bedroom games for couples. Grab a copy of our full pack of bedroom games vol. 1  or Vol. 2 in the shop.

Every year, I release several new games, so always check the shop for our latest editions. 


Lube is perfect for a sexy stocking because it is the key to sexual pleasure for many women. There are many different kinds that you can enjoy. Get one that is used to stimulate the clitoris. Maybe grab a flavored kind. Or get a good old-fashioned one that replenishes your stockpile. I like to grab them from Married Dance. They have a big selection of lubes there.

Sex Toys

If you’ve never tried a sex toy before, the vibrator pilot program is a great way to get started. Married Dance will allow you to buy this basic vibrator and have 90 days to use it. If you aren’t satisfied, they will allow you to return it with no questions asked. 

Also, here are two other posts I wrote on sex toys. One for men here and one about vibrators for women here. There are more than cock rings for men and vibrators for women to choose from. Both men and women might like nipple clamps. Men also enjoy penis strokes like this one.

If you already have a sex toy collection, pull from that to make your calendar. Don’t forget to buy toy cleaner and massage oils to complete your calendar.

Sex Position Cards

Another great calendar idea is sex position cards for couples. You can grab a copy of the printable version of the cards my friend created here. He also put out a physical deck you can purchase here. Just pull a card every day and try it out.

I hope these ideas help you to have some of the best sex you’ve had all year!

*I use affiliate links

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7 Responses

  1. Been with my wife 25 years now 5 good years, all down hill since then. I was severely injured at work, she became obese now she is just extremely cold. She says she is a Christian and will not divorce me, but e haven’t had sex in 5 years and we’ll I’m ready to just get a girlfriend who will be with me. What day you?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that Vincent. Unfortunately, many couples are in a sexless marriage. My friend at was in a sexless marriage for the first 5 years of their marriage. He’d be a good resource for you to reach out to. He has anonymous marriage counseling on his site.

    2. Been there, done that! I’ve been with my wife for 49 years. The first 7 years were great. Enough said. We haven’t had sex since the mid to late 1980s. We don’t even sleep in the same bed now and haven’t for years. I tried cybersex for a while, but my wife discovered my activity, so that ended. Now, I can’t even get an erection and I’m unable to masturbate, but I have lost all libido, so it doesn’t make any difference any more. I’m 76 years old.

  2. I stumbled on your site after feeling frustrated and searching for advice. There is a big age gap between my husband and I. We still love one another after all these years together but I’m incredibly frustrated and impatient bc our marriage has basically been sexless for almost 6 years. The first 10+ were really great. I’m barely forty and feel bitter that he’s so content with this. He says it’s just age and lowered libido and has no intention of addressing it since we’re happy in all other respects. But it feels unfair bc I’m not ready for this to be all there is to our intimacy. I get more frustrated and resentful as time goes on. I’m just not old enough for this yet! Thoughts? (He used to be very adventurous in bed)

    1. That’s very tough and there are many couples that are in this position where one spouse is happy to have sex less than the other one. When men have low libido it often means they can’t get or keep an erection. That’s tough for them to overcome. There are things you both can do to please each other without having penis in vagina sex if he is willing to. I would say that this is a big issue for you, and I wouldn’t let it go. You have to share with him that having intimacy with him is an important part of your relationship. I also recommend that you work with a counselor or work with someone online. My friend Belah works with individuals that are in your position. Here’s a link to sign up for a free clarity call with her just tell her I sent you when you sign up for the call.

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