Keelie and I have talked before about how lame some resources are that claim to “spice things up in your bedroom.” Because of this, we’ve developed some sexy bedroom games over the last two years. Our consistent desire with these is to provide something that brings creativity to the bedroom without being inappropriate. In other words, we don’t create or promote games that feature nude images or encourage couples to bring other people into the bedroom.

Our friends at Married Dance have games like these. Actually, they apply the same standards to all their products. None of their product pages or packaging feature explicit images.

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We were curious about some of their bedroom board games and they were kind enough to send us some images of three of the games. As expected, they are very tasteful in their design. Here is a sneak peek at three Married Dance games, and one of ours as well.

All Night Love Affair

sexy bedroom games

All Night Love Affair is a simple one. This game is just three piles of cards and one die. You roll the die and then draw from one of two piles as indicated by the die. Each card has an action listed. You complete the action and then your spouse rolls. At a certain point, you’ll come to the Love Affair card and win. Because of the simple game mechanics in this one, it’s a shorter game. This can be good when you want to spice things up, but don’t have a huge amount of time.

sexy bedroom games

You & Me

sexy bedroom games

Though it has more complicated game play, You & Me only features cards, a die, and a timer. You draw a card and perform an action. The roll of the die determines who performs the action, and therefore who wins the points. The first one to thirty points wins.

sexy bedroom games

Unlike All Night Love Affair, this fun in this game is mostly in the playing, not the winning.

Sexy Truth Or Dare 

sexy bedroom games

This is one of our very own bedroom game creations. We developed Sexy Truth or Dare to help married couples explore one another more. With this digital download, all you have to do is  pull it up on your phone and take turns asking the questions and doing the dares.

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