Sexy Gifts For Him

When we were dating, Austin and I would exchange gifts with each other in the car, somewhere between driving to our families’ houses. It was special to celebrate alone. That is why I think sexy stocking stuffers are so much fun. It gives you an excuse to exchange gifts in private.

Here’s some fun ideas for sexy stocking stuffers for him and her.

For Couples

If you are looking to do some sexy stocking ideas for both of you, here’s some great ideas.

Bedroom Games

I’m a huge proponent of bedroom games for married couples. I think it adds a lot of great excitement into your relationship.

Here’s a few games that you can try out:

Sexy Gifts For Him

Sexy Truth or Dare Pick a Stick– this has been highly popular among my readers. There’s a lot of great feedback about this game from users on Amazon as well.

It’s Getting Hot In Here and Lover May I – Austin and I have created many of our own printable games. In this two pack, we will print out the games and mail them to you. You won’t have to mess with printing and cutting the documents, because we’ll do that for you.

Ultimate Intimacy App- one of my readers created this game with another couple. Austin and I have played it and it’s a ton of fun. There’s a free version and an upgrade in the app if you want the spicier stuff.

50 Sexy Coupons– Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy put together this sexy game as well as a few others you might want to check out.

Sexy Lingerie subscription– You can grab a subscription for lingerie every month from Honoring Intimates.

Sexy Board Games – Brent over at Married Dance has many sexy board games that couples can play. All of these games are porn free and Christian friendly.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers For Him

There are many fun things you can give your husband for Christmas. Be sure that you are ready to set aside time to use the sexy items you give him.

Sex Toys For Men

My favorite Christian friendly sex toy shop is Married Dance. I love how the owner is committed to only selling products that have porn free packaging. He is very selective of the things he sells in the shop.

Some of my top picks for men’s sex toys include:

Sexy Gifts For Him

Flight Pilot– this is a penis stroker by Fleshlight. It has a discreet design, and kind of looks like a flashlight when the cap is on it. This is the perfect alternative to giving your husband a hand job.

Sexy Gifts For Him

Power Stroker– this is another great penis stroker, which is good for foreplay or switching things up. It feels like a really soft rubber.

Lingerie For Guys

Sexy Gifts For Him

Who says men can’t dress sexy for the bedroom? While there isn’t a whole ton of things on the market in the way of lingerie for men, there are other things you can get him.

  • Silk boxers– while these may not be practical underwear, silky boxers can be fun for both of you.
  • Accessories- a sexy thing for men to do is wear their underwear and accent with accessories like suspenders, hats, and bowties.
  • Tight superhero shirt– what man doesn’t want to feel like a hero in the bedroom? If superheroes are his thing, you can go with any kind of tight compression shirt.
  • Sexy pants- whether you go with jeans or a workout pant, get them a little tight. These don’t have to be worn out of the house.
  • Tattoo sleeves– these material sleeves are really fun and super hot. You can also go with the original stick on kind.

Body Spray or Cologne

Sexy Gifts For Him

I’ve talked before about having a designated sex fragrance. You and your spouse can choose a scent you like for the other and spray it on only for intimate times. This is a great way to train your brain to get in the mood.

Here are a few body sprays and colognes you might check out:

  • Axe Dark Temptation– this is one of Austin’s favorite scents for men. It is hard to describe, but it has a little hint of a chocolate smell to it.
  • PS for Men– for a nice cologne, PS for men is a good choice. There’s also a PS for women that smells amazing, too.
  • Stetson- another great scent for men is put out by Stetson.

All of these scents are bit muskier, which works best for male arousal. If you are using scents to help you get in the mood, the muskier fragrances are good for guys.

Oral Sex

Sexy Gifts For Him

Go with me on this one- I know that the Weener Kleener is supposed to be a gag gift. However, I thought it would be really hot to give this to your guy with the promise of oral sex later on. You could pair it with deep throat spray to seal the deal.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers For Her

If you are looking for some sexy stocking stuffers for your wife, here are a few ideas I came up with.

Sex Toys For Her

Using a vibrator for foreplay or to bring your wife to orgasm can be a fabulous gift. There are plenty of sex toys out there that detract from your intimate life, but vibrators can be used to bring greater pleasure. Here are a few that would be a great first vibrator:

Sexy Gifts For Him

Extreme Wabbit– this has a handle that makes it easy for you to stimulate your wife. The ears can bring great pleasure to her when positioned right.

Sexy Gifts For Him

Bunny Clitoris Cuddler– if your wife is leery about having a toy that goes inside of her, a clitoris cuddler is a good solution. This is designed to just stimulate her clitorous. It is easier to use this toy on your wife over a bullet, because it has a handle.

Sexy Gifts For Him

Mini Delight– this is a bullet vibrater, but is a little easier to hold. The bullet vibrators that are just the round design can be difficult to keep in place. However, this one has a little handle.

Coupons For Massage

Sexy Gifts For Him

If you wife likes to be touched and stroked all over, giving her coupons for a massage can be a great choice. A few months ago, I gave Austin a massage for Father’s Day. I took an online course from Melt Massage. It was the best massage I had ever given him.

You can always put a bottle of massage oil in the stocking with a coupon to redeem for a massage later on. The best oil to use for massage is sweet almond oil.

Perfumes and Body Sprays

Sexy Gifts For Him

Like I mentioned earlier, you can have a designated fragrances for intimate times. Some of the best scents for women’s arousal include:

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom– Bath and Body Works has some incredible scents. This one is a sensual blend that you can try.
  • Dark Kiss– this has a hint of musk mixed with a sweet smell. The combination can be a good for both the husband’s and wife’s arousal.

Arousal Gel

Sexy Gifts For Him

Arousal gels are designed to be rubbed on the clitoris for additional stimulation. When you apply the gel to the area, it will increase the blood flow. In turn, that helps your wife become more stimulated.

Body Chains

Sexy Gifts For Him

It can be really hard to pick out lingerie for your wife that she can fit into. Body chains are a great alternative to lingerie for women. There’s a lot more leeway in jewelry over clothing. Some of these designs are meant to just go off the shoulders, so it is more versatile than those that go around your body.

Miscellaneous Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Aqua Notes can be a fun way to share love notes. They are waterproof and designed to hang in your shower. You can jot down all the brilliant ideas you have in the shower. You can also use it to leave your spouse a sexy note for them to find later.

Sexy Gifts For Him

Do you have any sexy stocking stuffer ideas for him or her? If so, leave me suggestions in the comments. I’d love to see some of your ideas.

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