10 Sexy Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse

Talking about sex can be a great way to get in the mood. If these type of conversations do not come naturally to you, ask them these sexy questions.

If you want a printable version of 30 sexy questions to ask your spouse, you can check them out.

30 Sexy Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse

1. What is Your Idea of a Sexy Night?

Everyone has a different idea of sexy means. Talk together to understand what makes the other person feel relaxed and romanced.

2. What do You Think When You See Me Naked?

Your spouse wants to know what you think of their body. Let them know often how they turn you on.

3. Is There Something Specific That You Find Me Sexy In?

It’s always fun to learn what your lover likes to see you in. When you know the kinds of styles they prefer, you can always surprise them by wearing something new to bed. Here’s my favorite porn-free lingerie shop.

4. What Part of Your Body do You Like Me to Kiss The Most?

Kissing provides intimate foreplay between a husband and wife. This can be kissing anywhere on the body as well as orally stimulating their erogenous zones. Here’s a kissing game you can try.


5. What is Your Idea of Hot Foreplay?

Oftentimes, I have readers share that they wish their spouse would spend more time on foreplay. One of the reasons I think it gets excluded is because the other person doesn’t know exactly what to do.

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6. If We Could Try a Different Sex Position Tonight, What Would It Be?

Need some inspiration for new positions? I love to look at the positions on Christian Friendly Sex Positions. The owner and I have been working on some projects together.

7. Would You Ever Want to Mutually Masturbate?

Some couples say that sitting in front of one another and stimulating themselves can be a big turn on. This might be something that you end up enjoying.

8. Do You Like Me To Talk While We Are Making Love?

I’m not a huge fan of using the phrase, “Dirty Talk”, but I think that talking can be a huge turn-on. Letting your lover know that they are pleasing you can help you both enjoy the time more. Here’s a bedroom game to help you practice dirty talk in the bedroom.

9. Describe in Detail What You Would Like To Do Next Time We Have Sex.

Talking about your plans ahead of time can have two fold benefit. One- you both know what to expect. Two- it can help you anticipate the encounter more.

10. How Can We Change Things Up In Our Love Life?

Work out together the things that you both might find fun and adventurous in the bedroom.

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