Austin and I love to have a private Christmas stocking that we keep in our bedroom that just for sexy stocking stuffers. There are many great ideas of things you can put in your sexy stocking for a husband or wife.

Here are a few suggestions I have: 

1. Sexy Advent Calendar

Check out this sexy advent calendar printable that has ideas you can use all month long. It comes with a few different pdf’s from my shop including a bedroom game. Also, I have an anniversary edition of the calendar that will help you celebrate your anniversary this year.

2. Christian Friendly Sex Position Cards

Over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions, you can buy these printable sex position cards. All you have to do is print them out and cut them up. Either put the full pack in your stocking or just a few that you think your spouse may want to try. 

You can also search through the Christian Friendly Sex positions website for specific things you want to try and write them down on slips of paper to put in the sexy stocking.

3. Sexploration List

My friend, Jay Dee, created this awesome sexploration list to help couples identify what they love to do in the bedroom. It’s a great way to figure out what your spouse is interested in trying and get on the same page about it. Just go here and purchase a copy. He’s also got many other printables in his shop you might like. 

If you’d rather have a digital version of this, you can download the Intimately Us App and upgrade your account to get the sexploration list that they have in the app. When you and your spouse pair your apps, it will show you both only the answers that you match up with for sex positions and foreplay moves you both want to try.

4. It’s Getting Hot in Here Printable Bedroom Game

This bedroom game is the first one that Austin and I created. It’s one of my favorite games to play even to do this day. Every time you play it, it’s a different experience, because it is a board game. All you do is buy it here and then print out the board and cards. You’ll need a die and two small items that can be used to mark your place on the board.

5. Lingerie For Her

sexy lingerie

I really like to shop at Honoring Intimates. One of the things I like is that they take all of the pictures themselves of the lingerie on plastic models. Also, they remove any tags from the clothing so there aren’t pictures of models wearing the lingerie. I’ve bought several pieces from the shop and always like them. 

If you are looking for sexy things to do while wearing lingerie, check out this post I wrote. 

6. Lingerie For Him

Is there such a thing as lingerie for men? Well, yeah there is, but a lot of it is a little weird. Check out this blog post I wrote with a list of ideas and clothing you can buy to put in the stocking for your husband. 

If you want your husband to wear lingerie, then go ahead and buy it for him. Let him know you think he’ll look sexy in it and I can just about bet he’ll be game for it.

7. Melt Massage and Oils

Melt Massage is a video course that teaches you exactly how to massage your spouse for pain relief in an intimate way. Denis, the creator, is a massage therapist and he’s developed easy-to-understand and remember massage techniques. You can read my honest review here. Also, you can sign up for his video courses here. Don’t forget some sexy oils by Melt Massage.

8. Sex-Related Questions

Austin and I created this printable and designed it to be a Valentine’s Day card. But, the questions are all sexy. You can print it out and put it in the stocking to ask them later. Also, you can sign up for our sexy truth or dare below and use those questions to heat things up. 

You can also ask your spouse sexy questions from our sexy truth or dare bedroom games. Here’s 85+ Sexy Truth or Dares with a lot of questions and here’s our full sexy truth or dare library.

9. Lube and Flavored Lube

Many couples need lubricant for sex, so why not stock up during this time of year. You can get a traditional lube like this KY Jelly for him and her or you can get a plain lube like this that’s good for toys and intercourse. 

Other kinds of lube you might consider are edible. Edible and flavored lubricants can make oral sex more pleasurable. I recommend you go with an organic brand of edible lube if this is something you want to try. Or, you could just use some type of food for oral sex just as long as you’re not putting it inside of you.

10. A Sex Toy For Men and Women

I only recommend toys from Married Dance, because it is a porn-free shop with discreet shipping. They also only sell toys that are safe to use on your skin. You can check out their top 25 sexy gift ideas. Also, be sure to check out my review of one of the vibrators you can get in their shop

If you feel worried about introducing sex toys into your marriage bed, here’s a great podcast that my friend Dan over at Get Your Marriage on. He interviewed a Christian couple that owns a porn-free sex toy store.

If you are trying a sex toy for the first time, I highly recommend that you and your spouse go into this with the understanding that you’re just trying it out. Give any toy a chance a few times before making a decision about it. Here’s a post I wrote on how to orgasm with a vibrator (for women). Here are 5 types of vibrators you can try. Here are a few great sex toys for men that you can try.

11. Sexy Board Games

Head over to Married Dance and grab one of their sexy board games. These are great for couples that want to spice up a night. The shop owner sends his products with discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your kids seeing branding on the outside of the package. 

Their best seller is the You + Me Game of Love. The shop owner there opens all games to make sure there aren’t any suggestions that would be dishonoring to God. Also, he makes sure that they are porn-free and will help a couple with intimacy.

If you’d like to use a digital board game, then I recommend you install the Intimately Us App. You can do in-app upgrades that will give you access to digital board games.

12. A Coupon For a Lap Dance or Booty Grinding Dance Session

You can give your spouse a lap dance (here’s my lap dance instructions printable) or put on some music and do a booty grinding session with them. Here is my booty grinding tutorial video. This is a great way to incorporate new things into your foreplay. You can be sexy, fun, or silly during these types of dances.

Hope you like these ideas. Have a great Christmas!

*I use affiliate links.

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