Write Your Own Sexy Story With These Prompts

Have you ever wanted to tell your husband or wife a sexy story but don’t know where to start? I have written a few sexy story prompts that you can use to write a fantasy of your own. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with the things that you enjoy doing most. 

To share this with your spouse, you could read it out loud to them while you’re both lying naked together somewhere. Or, you could handwrite the story and leave it somewhere safe for them to read. Either way, these prompts are to get your imagination going. You can either choose foreplay ideas you’ve done before or use this as an opportunity to float things you’d like to try by your spouse. 

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the story with your spouse, you can use it to help you slow down and think your way through a pleasurable sexual experience. These prompts are great for someone who struggles to fantasize about sex. 

First Sexy Story Prompt

I’m lying on white silky bed sheets wearing ________. On the table next to me is ________. You walk in the room wearing __________. I pick up _________ off the table and wave you over to me. 

You come over with a ______ on your face. I know you’re ready to do _______ to me. 

You slowly crawl onto the bed close enough to rub my ________. As you caress my _______, you begin kissing me on my ________. 

While you shower me with kisses, I do ______ to you. You stop kissing my ______, look up at me, and say _________. I can feel my face flush and my body fill with excitement. 

You ask me to roll over on my stomach so you can ______ to my back. As you straddle my legs, you gently bend down and lay your _______ on my butt. 

I close my eyes and think of which position I want you to have sex with me in while you rub your ______ across my butt and back. 

My ______ is pulsing and ready for you to ______ to it. You take me in your arms and ______ until I reach orgasm. 

Now, it’s my turn to ______ you. I start by kissing you on your ______ and moving my way to your ________. 

I tell you to get on your knees so I can _______ you. You excitedly do what I ask, and while I’m doing ______ to you, you yell out ______.

Before you can reach orgasm, I stop doing _____ to you and tease you by doing ______ to your nipples. While I pleasure your nipples, you do ______ to my nipples. 

I make my way down to your stomach by gently doing _________. Your body is trembling and moving around in anticipation of the pleasure to come. I put you in ________  position and do _______ until you orgasm. 

Second Sexy Story Idea

I walk into the living room, and you’re sitting on the couch with nothing but ______ on. You give me the look that says, “I want to do _______ to you”. As I seductively walk over to you, I begin taking off my _______. 

A smile grows across your face as you start playing a romantic song on your phone. You get up off the couch and slowly pull me close to your body. We sway back and forth while _______ plays. 

As we dance, you caress my _________. I grab your ________ and go in for a kiss. We get lost in each other’s lips as we rub our bodies together. 

You pull away from me and so you can finish removing my _______. As soon as my bare body is exposed, you passionately kiss my _________. I run my fingers over your ______ while you _____ to me. As the intensity builds, I find myself uncontrollably groaning with pleasure as you tease me. 

I return the favor and kiss your ______ while I do _______ to you. I use my naked body to rub across your _____ and stimulate you. 

Our passion continues, and we realize we can’t make it to the bedroom. I get in ________ position on the couch, and you get into ________ positions so we can have sex. As we thrust, the pleasure builds up in both of us. 

You use your _____to stimulate my ______ while we make love so I can reach orgasm. I return the favor and stimulate your _______ until you reach orgasm. 

Create Your Own Story

Use these story prompts as a guide to get your own ideas flowing. You can use the story prompts more than once and just change out the foreplay moves and positions you put in the blanks.

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Good luck and have fun together!

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