Sexy Things You Can Do When Wearing Lingerie

I don’t know about you, but if I take the time to get dressed up for my husband, I don’t want to see my clothes in a pile on the floor in 7.2 seconds. That is why I have been working to come up with sexy things we can do together while we are wearing lingerie.

Btw, if you struggle to find lingerie that fits or that you think you look good in, I always suggest wearing a sexy outfit. It doesn’t have to fit you well or be expensive since you won’t wear it out of your home. Also, you can try the lingerie at Honoring Intimates, where you can find a lace bodysuit, bra and underwear sets, and more. I’ve found things there that fit me.

You can listen to my video on this here:

Check out this cute dress I found on Amazon. It is stretchy and has a really fun back to it. This dress was cute, too.

Here are some of my ideas:

Play Sexy Truth or Dare

You can play any number of bedroom games while you are wearing lingerie. It is a lot of fun to talk about sexual things while you are looking and feeling good about yourself.

If you would like to get my free printable bedroom games- including sexy truth or dare, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. You will receive the link to my free bedroom game printable library right away.

To play sexy truth or dare, all you have to do is print out the cards and put them into a truth pile and a dare pile. Then, you take turns deciding which one you want to do with your spouse. Grab from the pile and then do the prompt on the card. This game has been so popular, I created 5 different versions of it that you can get in my shop here.

Dance Together

Put on some music that both of you can dance to. It can be something that is really upbeat. Or you can go with slow songs that will let you feel your bodies rub together while you wear lingerie.

I really enjoy listening to instrumental jazz music when we are having a romantic time together. This is one of my favorite soundtracks on YouTube.

I also like dancing to this love song. It is my absolute favorite love song of all time. Born out of the 90’s baby- coming straight at you- is Savage Garden.

Or you could get really spicy and do a booty grinding dance with each other. I created a booty grinding tutorial here that you and your spouse can watch to learn how.

Dance For Your Spouse

Another fun thing to do while wearing lingerie is to dance for your spouse. I know that this can really take people outside of their comfort zone. It’s ok if you try and end up laughing like a hyena- I know I do. Just go with something that you like dancing to.

This is always a fun one to dance to.

Also, you can do a sexy lap dance for your spouse. I created a video tutorial as well as a printable to help you do a lap dance and feel confident about it.

Have a Romantic Dinner

Whether you camp out on the floor together or sit down at a table, put together a romantic dinner for two. Put the kids to bed, and then put on your sexy lingerie. After you have had a meal together, it makes it easy to slide into after-dinner fun. 

If you can’t safely have dinner out in the house for fear that kids will come out while you’re in your lingerie, then take it to your bedroom. You could go with foods that are not that messy and feed them to each other on the floor or bed.

I do recommend that you avoid super heavy foods since you’ll likely follow up your meal with a sexy desert! Too much food on your stomach will make it tough to enjoy sex.


When is the last time you engaged in a make-out session with your spouse in just your bra and underwear or a lace bodysuit? A lot of times, pro-longed kissing doesn’t happen, because you are so busy getting to sex. Take some time and commit to making out with one another.

Want to take your kissing game to the next level? Try my bedroom game, Kiss Me I’m Irish. The prompts on these cards are designed to help you get aroused and then go all the way to orgasm with your mouth. If you can’t print out the cards, just look at the pdf on your phone and write out the prompts and follow the list.

Give Each Other Massages

Consider starting out giving one another massages while you wear lingerie. Then you can start stripping down as things heat up.

If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to give your spouse the best massage ever. You can check out more about Melt Massage and see if it is right for you. I have personally loved using these videos with my husband. Denis is great about teaching couples ways to massage each other without it becoming a chore for the one giving the massage.

Have Sex

Depending on the type of lingerie or sexy outfit you’re wearing, you can have sex. It can be a lot of fun to have sex with some sexy clothing on. Maybe it’s just leaving on a few of the items.

For example, a wife can have sex with her heels on and the husband can leave his tie on. A great way to get excited about your night together is thinking about all the ways you can have sex in the clothes you’re wearing.

Engage in Sexy Talk

Why not try out your bedroom language while wearing sexy clothing. You can whisper arousing things in their ear or have full conversations about the fantasies you have with each other.

I know it can be hard to talk about sex or to incorporate sexy talk into the bedroom, so I created a product that will help you with that. Here’s a pdf that I made that helps you create your bedroom language. This will help you both get comfortable with saying sexy things to each other. But also, it’s designed so you can know what words turn your spouse on and what turns them off.

I hope that these ideas will help you enjoy your time in lingerie or sexy outfits with each other. It can be a great at-home date night idea.

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  1. Lingerie. Purchases have been made where most of the time the lingerie stays on and the deed gets done. Stockings instead of panty hose, front less bras or teddies and the list goes on. Enjoy the lingerie and the delight of some covering. Mystery time for sure.

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