Looking for something sexy to do this Valentine’s Day? Why not play a Sexy Scavenger Hunt? You can grab it in my shop for $5. It is a printable, but you could just read the list and ideas on your phone.

The way you play the game is like a usual scavenger hunt. You’ll do a round-up of the prompts from the list. Once you get all of your items, you’ll meet back in the bedroom for a steamy night.

Some of the sexy scavenger hunt prompts include:

-Get something from the kitchen that you can eat off of your lover

-Find something sexy from your lover’s drawers or closet to wear

You get the idea!

Want to know a secret? I despise scavenger hunts. So, I thought the only natural thing to do was make one that made me actually want to play it. The way it works is you have a list of things you and your spouse need to find to put together a sexy night. Then, I give you a step by step plan for the night of how to best use what you find. You don’t even have to figure out what to do with the things on the list, because there are instructions of what you can do. Or, you can throw everything on the bed and get creative.

I hope you love it! Use the button below to buy it now.

Other Valentine’s printable ideas:

Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy released a sexy memory match game the other day. All you do is print out the cards, pick the ones you want to do that night, and then take turns finding matches. There are foreplay moves and sex positions. When you make a match with the foreplay cards, you do the action right away. Then, you save up the sex positions for the end. Grab it now while it is still on sale.

You only have until tomorrow to get something shipped to you in time from Married Dance. The owner says as long as you checkout by the 8th and select fast shipping, you can get it by Valentine’s Day. Head over there and use my Valentine’s Day code LOVE at checkout to get 10% off your order.

Last Valentine’s, Austin and I put together a jumpstart pack. This printable has a card that is best used for a wife from a husband. It has 5 gift tags with suggestions of what to buy. It’s set up that you will give 1 gift a day for the days leading up to Valentine’s. Also, it has the second version of my sexy truth or dare couples bedroom game. Grab the pack here.

Well, I’m off to the store to buy stuff for a Valentine’s Day party I’m hosting tomorrow night. Did I mention I LOOOOOVE Vday? It really is my favorite holiday.

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