80+ Sexy Would You Rather Questions For Married Couples

Have you ever played would you rather? To be honest, I never really understood the point of that game because it was an option between two terrible things. But I was thinking…what if the two options were really sexy things that got you sexually excited? Now that would be fun!

Here is a long list of sexy would you rather questions you can ask your husband or wife on your next date night. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure you have some privacy and the ability to have sex after. I hope you enjoy these sexy questions.

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Tips To Play The Game

Before you get going on playing this game, I want to give you a few tips on how to do it successfully. Use these as conversation starters and see where the conversation leads. Don’t feel like you have to get through the entire list in one sitting. 

Another thing you can do with this game is picking a few of them to ask your spouse and then do that thing for them. For example, if it is “would you rather I suck your lips or your neck” let them tell you and then do that action. You can take turns doing this with each other. 

For the questions that have anatomical terms in it, you can alter them to use the dirty talk that you like the most. I used clinical terms to describe body parts but I encourage you to change it to be something you like better. Not sure which terms get your lover going? Grab a copy of my bedroom language worksheet and go over that before you get started. 

Sexy Would You Rather Questions

couple cuddling on a blanket playing sexy would you rather

1. Would you rather I lick your ears or your nipples?

2. Would you rather I bite or suck your nipples?

3. Would you rather have a hickey on your neck or stomach?

4. Would you rather I use my fingers or tongue on your vagina/penis?

5. Would you rather spoon naked or with silky clothes on?

6. Would you rather I give you oral on the bed or in the shower?

7. Would you rather I wear lingerie or be totally naked?

8. Would you rather be on top during sex or on the bottom?

9. Would you rather eat whipped cream or chocolate syrup off of my vagina/penis?

10. Would you rather watch us have sex in a mirror or on your camera’s video app?

11. Would you rather have the lights up or down low when we’re having sex?

12. Would you rather lay down or stand up when I’m giving you oral sex?

13. Would you rather take turns giving each oral sex or do 69?

14. Would you rather I use a sex toy or my fingers to stimulate your clitoris/penis?

15. Would you rather have sex on the couch or on the floor?

16. Would you rather fantasize about me giving your oral sex or having intercourse with you? 

17. Would you rather make out with my mouth or my vagina/penis?

18. Would you rather initiate sex or have me initiate sex? 

19. Would you rather I massage your butt or your chest/breasts?

20. Would you rather try the sex position down low or fantastic rocking horse?

couple on bed playing sexy would you rather game

21. Would you rather we try dry humping or get a hand job?

22. Would you rather rub your vagina/penis on my butt or my chest/breasts? 

23. Would you rather straddle my legs or my butt?

24. Would you rather I suck on your belly button or your lips?

25. Would you rather I kiss your back or your stomach? 

26. Would you rather I lightly rub across your inner thigh or your chest/breasts?

27. Would you rather I tickle your neck or your back?

28. Would you rather I whisper in your ear or blog gently on your neck?

29. Would you rather I put your penis/vagina in my mouth or your tongue?

30. Would you rather I kiss you on your face or your butt?

31. Would you rather rub my vagina/penis in the shower or a hot tub?

32. Would you rather I kiss down your stomach or your legs?

33. Would you rather I tell you how I like oral sex or show you by licking your finger?

34. Would you rather wear sexy lingerie or a sexy outfit?

35. Would you rather hug me from behind or from the front? 

36. Would you rather make out in the car or in the bed?

37. Would you rather have sex in a hotel on the bed or couch? 

38. Would you rather be naked with me in the bed or the shower? 

39. Would you rather have sex with me right now or later tonight? 

40. Would you rather feed me with your mouth or your hands?

couple holding hands under a blanket playing would you rather for couples

41. Would you rather I use the tip of my tongue or my full tongue to lick your penis/vagina?

42. Would you rather I suck on your lips or your nipples? 

43. Would you rather I give you a lap dance or strip tease?

44. Would you rather have your hair pulled or your butt lightly slapped during sex? 

45. Would you rather I moan or talk dirty out loud when you’re having sex with me? 

46. Would you rather I send you a picture of my penis/vagina or my butt?

47. Would you rather I passionately kiss your mouth or penis/vagina?

48. Would you rather put hot sauce or an ice cube in your mouth before giving me oral sex? 

49. Would you rather read an erotic letter from me or have me tell you a sexy story? 

50. Would you rather send me a sexy text message or a sexy voicemail? 

51. Would you rather have a wet t-shirt contest or a wet underwear contest with me?

52. Would you rather take me to the mountains or the beach for a sex vacation? 

53. Would you rather have sex in front of a fireplace or in a bedroom lit by candles?

54. Would you rather eat a cherry or a chocolate chip from my belly button?

55. Would you rather rub across my nipples or my penis/vagina with a scarf? 

56. Would you rather see me bent over naked or in a sexy outfit/lingerie?

57. Would you rather I talk dirty to you or compliment you during sex?

58. Would you rather I video record or sound record us having sex? 

59. Would you rather I give you multiple orgasms back to back or throughout the day?

60. Would you rather have late night sex or early morning sex?

couple laying on a couch and playing couple's edition would you rather

61. Would you rather flirt with me during the day and have sex right away or later in the night?

62. Would you rather I make you beg to orgasm or make you orgasm when I want you to? 

63. Would you rather have slow romantic sex or passionate rough sex? 

64. Would you rather I kiss you long and hard or short and sweet? 

65. Would you rather have one long orgasm or several short orgasms back to back? 

66. Would you rather I give you oral or use my hand to stimulate you before sex? 

67. Would you rather snuggle under the blanket or lay on top of the blanket during sex? 

68. Would you rather I have sex with you from behind or the side? 

69. Would you rather I give you an orgasm through oral sex or with a vibrator? 

70. Would you rather I take pictures of you naked or with sexy lingerie on? 

71. Would you rather I sit on your lap or straddle your lap?

72. Would you rather wear flavored lip gloss or put sugar on your lips when we make out?

73. Would you rather kiss my inner thigh or my stomach? 

74. Would you rather I tease you or give you an orgasm as fast as possible? 

75. Would you rather I say your name or say I love you during sex? 

76. Would you rather suck or rub my balls/clitoris?

77. Would you rather I use my teeth or my lips on your nipples? 

78. Would you rather stimulate yourself while I watch or watch me stimulate you? 

79. Would you rather dance with me naked or in a sexy outfit?

80. Would you rather use your teeth or your hands to take off my pants/underwear?

81. Would you rather I rub an ice cube or coconut oil on your penis/vagina?

82. Would you rather eat frosting or peanut butter off my nipples? 

83. Would you rather I stimulate your penis/vagina or your nipples? 

84. Would you rather straddle my face or my penis/vagina? 

85. Would you rather use a vibrator during sex or foreplay? 

Tips For Writing Your Own

couple laying on their bed in a romantic atmosphere playing would you rather sex edition

If you want to try and write some of these questions for you and your spouse, you can use it as an opportunity to float new ideas by them. Or you can use it as a way of finding out their sexual preferences on things you all already do. You know your spouse, so avoid topics that might make them uncomfortable like sex toys or anal sex if you already know their position on it.

If you’re in a relationship where your spouse isn’t very open to sexual activities and trying new things, you can write your questions based on other things they enjoy. You could do date night would you rather or physical affection, etc. 

Wrap Up Your Time With Sex

The biggest reason I create couples’ bedroom games is that you can have something fun and out of the usual to do with your spouse. After you’ve played a few rounds of this game, I encourage you to have sex or reach orgasm in whichever way you both enjoy. Use these prompts to help you grow together intimately. 

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve got to say I’m just glad there are Christian couples out there doing this. I think I would recognise them out in public because they would like each other, have fun and flirt together.
    I would love to do every one of those things with my wife and would have a huge amount of fun doing so, however there is no way on earth she would do a single one with me.
    As I say I’m glad some couples are doing this and I hope many more will start because of this post. God bless you. Is it hot in here??!!??

    1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing. I know that not all couples are in a place to do these sexy prompts. In that case, I encourage you to focus on other types of intimacy. I will actually be making other would you rather questions in the future that are not sexual in nature, but very much helpful for building a better relationship.

  2. Keelie: Question: was this question literal or a mistake? “29. Would you rather I put your penis/vagina in my mouth or your tongue?”
    A woman could put some men’s penises in their own mouths, that is the man’s mouth. I’ve seen it done many times, but a vagina in the woman’s own mouth??!!

    1. Hmmm..I think maybe I phrased it poorly. I’m trying to have the person ask their love, would you want me to put your penis or vagina in my mouth? Or would you rather I put your tongue in my mouth?

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