5 Things You Can do to Show Your Husband or Wife You Care

It’s important to show appreciation and love to your significant other. A tender kiss or a warm bath can make all the difference after a hard day. Or simply just as a spontaneous act of love. There are a lot of ways you can show your husband or wife you care. Here are a few I came up with. 

showing you care

1. Take Over A Responsibility 

Offer to run an errand for them or take some other chore that they are in charge of. You can surprise them by taking the initiative to do a task they would normally do. When you take over their responsibility, it shows that you recognize that they are hard workers and could use the break. 

2. Prepare a Meal For Them

Even if you are the one that generally cooks, prepare a special meal for them. If you can’t put together a big dinner, then surprise them with lunch at work. At night, you could bring them a snack and a drink without them having to ask. There are many meals you could do, here are a few romantic suggestions if you need an idea.

3. Set Up a Pamper Night In Their Honor

Take an evening and come up with different things you can do to pamper your loved one. Of course, the things you decide to do will be determined by what they enjoy. If they don’t love bubble baths…then that wouldn’t be a good thing to do. 

Spend the night focused on them, entirely without any expectation of a returned favor. If you go into it with a selfless attitude, they will sense that and enjoy it more. 

4. Write a Love Letter

A handwritten note is precious, especially in today’s culture. We rarely get mail or other handwritten messages. Take the time to write out something that they will appreciate. 

You can tell them the reason you love them or things you like about them. It doesn’t have to be long for them to feel loved. 

5. Send Them Away With Friends

Sometimes, your loved one could benefit from getting out with their friends. Most of us that are in relationships look at spending time with others as cheating our partner. Give them permission to go out and do things with their other friends. 

You will be surprised at how refreshed they may feel after going out and doing things with other people. 

When you want to show your loved ones that you care about them, consider doing some of these things. It is worth the effort to do what it takes so that they will feel loved. 

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