Skincare Tips For Winter Weddings

Are you getting married in the winter? I had a summer wedding, so I didn’t have to deal with dry skin. But, if you are dealing with that, check out the Ahsan wrote. Here’s what she has to say-

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While traditionally spring and summer may be the big seasons for weddings, there are plenty of couples that opt for winter weddings. Whether you’re planning a wedding as the leaves turn or one right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, you’ll want to look your best. Gorgeous wedding dresses shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. Your skin care is important, too.

Dry Skin is Inevitable in The Winter

Your skin is going to be prominently on display during your wedding, so you’ll want to make sure that you look your absolute best no matter the time of year. Unfortunately, it can be a bit harder to have your skin looking smooth and supple during colder weather. Central heating, dry air, and harsh winds can all suck moisture from your skin and leave you looking red, chapped and dehydrated.

JJ’s House designer Jessica helps brides figure out makeup looks and skincare tips year round. To help avoid looking dried out and dull, here are some tricks and tips from Jessica for your makeup and skincare so that you look like the dewy bride you are on your big day:

1. Hydrate

Cold weather is drying weather, which can often cause dry flakes and breakouts, and even excess oil production! To avoid this, you should make a point to hydrate your skin properly before your big day.

This means drinking loads of water, limiting caffeine and alcohol, and investing in good quality moisturizers. You may even need to add an extra layer of moisture in the evening, like hyaluronic acid or squalene oil.

2. Your lipstick

If your wedding falls near the holiday season, try a lipstick color that really makes your lips pop. Add some gloss or sparkle, or use a bold red (make sure it doesn’t transfer!) to draw attention to your lips.

However, your lips can become very dry this time of year, so make sure you exfoliate them regularly and religiously use a high-quality lip balm, such as one made with beeswax.

3. Highlight

Cold weather means cooler light. This can seem dulling to the skin. To avoid this, start playing around with highlights in your makeup and skincare products before your wedding. Highlighting the under eye area, the cheekbones, and the Cupid’s Bow will help to make you look more lively and glistening.

4. Your foundation

woman's chin and fingers

The foundation you use in winter should function differently than your usual summer foundation. You have to be careful not to use a foundation that looks dry and dull since this is what you’re going to be fighting in your skincare routine.

While it may be tempting to slather on a thicker foundation to cover any cold weather issues you may be experiencing, you’ll actually want to go lighter and build accordingly.

5. Exfoliate regularly

Sloughing off dull and dead skin is an essential part of making sure your skin looks fresh and vibrant on your wedding day—but don’t overdo it! Exfoliating too much or too harshly can actually have the opposite effect and make your skin dryer and cause you to overproduce oil.

Instead, opt for acid or chemical exfoliates (like lactic acid) instead of a physical exfoliate (like sugar), and use it once or twice a week, incorporated into your skincare routine at night.

Even if you aren’t getting married, these tips can help you have fabulous skin in the cold weather.


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