Snuggle Challenge For Couples

I’ve had a few comments about taking the snuggle challenge and the increased desire for sex. Some of my readers have said that every time they snuggle, they want to have sex. It can be disappointing to the spouse who wants to be intimate, as well as difficult for the spouse that was ready to go to sleep. So, how do handle the snuggle challenge if you are experiencing this problem?

1. Have sex and then snuggle
2. Snuggle while fully clothed at some other part during the day
3. Expect that snuggling will lead to sex and embrace it
4. Go to bed earlier and make time for both snuggling and sex

5. Take time to hug each other and cuddle on the couch at night

6. Enjoy a time of snuggling on a lazy morning

7. Hug while standing in the kitchen when you’re cooking dinner

8. Invite your kids to snuggle with you

9. Commit to snuggling a few times a week

10. Stop while you are having sex and cuddle each other for a minute

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