Why You Crave Spicing Things Up in Your Sex Life

Do you ever crave spicing things up in your sex life? Several years ago, we decided to go on a vanilla sex challenge. We decided that every day for a month, we would only have “boring” sex. We determined that boring sex meant the guy on top and the girl on the bottom. 

spicing things up

Well, we tried. And let’s just say that we didn’t make it the entire month before we were ready for it to be over, and we could get back to “spicing” things up. This trial we did, answered the question as to why we craved spicing things up. Here is what we were feeling:

The Need to Connect on a Deeper Level

Getting out of the regular activities in the bedroom helps you get on a deeper level with your partner. It causes you to communicate with one another when you are trying out new things. Guiding each other through a new position or action is a great way to go deep. 

Letting Out Emotional Passion Through Physical Means

When you feel emotionally passionate about your lover, it is only natural to show it physically. Being physically connected leads to the desire to get more active and try new things. It is a great way to show your lover how they make you feel. 

Feeling Free to Express Yourself

Having sex is a way to express your deepest emotions. You are expressing through sex all of your feelings, passions, and desires. When you switch things up during sex, you can show your partner how you are feeling creatively. 

Makes You Feel Sexy

Getting hot and heavy with your lover is sure to make you feel super sexy. Getting active and trying new things gives you confidence in yourself. When you spice things up, you will have a higher opinion of yourself. 

The More You Try, The More You Want to Try

When you do things that are out of the ordinary, it makes you want to do more. The more you try, the more you will want to try. Getting adventurous in the bedroom with your lover is a beautiful bonding experience. We love playing games to help the mood or switch things up for a bit. One of our favorites is our Tantalizing Treats game, where household items and food are used to excite your senses. 

There are plenty of reasons that people want to spice things up with their partners. It is a great idea to try new things at least on a monthly basis. You will find that it connects you to your lover on a deeper level and breeds passion in your soul. 

We weren’t able to make it for the entire month with just one position. It didn’t take long for us to really crave a different kind of connection. I hope you will add more variety to your sex life because it helps you be closer to your spouse. 

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