How to Spoil Your Wife When She’s Pregnant

how to spoil your wife when she's pregnant

Today, I’ve invited Gail Prestly on to talk with us about some of the things you can do to spoil your wife when she is pregnant. She is going through so much during her pregnancy, and it can be hard to know what she will appreciate. I think Gail has some great tips.

Spoil Your Pregnant Wife She Deserves It

Here’s what she has to say-

There are few experiences in life more exciting than having a baby. But this is also an incredibly scary and trying time. Some women love being pregnant, but everyone has days when they feel down.

For many women, pregnancy is a real challenge. If your wife is expecting, now is the time she needs you most. Here are some tips to help you spoil her and earn some extra brownie points.

Cope With Morning Sickness

Sadly, morning sickness is part and parcel of pregnancy for many women. For some, it comes and goes very quickly. But for others, it can last for weeks. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to tackle nausea, but you can be there to offer support and reassurance.

You can also make life easier by taking control of household chores and helping to nullify triggers. If you have pets, for example, you could offer to clean up their mess. When you’re already feeling sick, certain sights and smells will only make you feel worse.

If you search online for morning sickness remedies, you’ll come across all kinds of different suggestions. Different types of tea, ginger, and avoiding hot and spicy foods have all been recommended by women who have dealt with nausea.

Combat Exhaustion

spoil your wife

Pregnancy can take its toll on your body and mind. Most women experience varying degrees of tiredness during pregnancy. The first few weeks and the last trimester tend to be worse. If your partner is tired, try and lend a helping hand. Could you look after the other kids while she has a nap?

Could you help out a little more around the house? Could you ask a friend or family member to pop over and give the house a quick spruce while you’re at work? If you or people close to you can pick up some of the slack, this will make a massive difference.

Help Your Wife Deal With Anxiety

Pregnancy can be scary. Even if you’ve already got children, it’s possible for each time to be completely different. It can be hard to relax when you’re worried or anxious. Make sure your partner knows that you are there to listen or offer advice or support.

If they have specific concerns, try and help them find answers and solutions. Giving birth is often a source of anxiety. Try and get as much information as possible, and contact your midwife to seek advice. Doing some research and preparing can also be beneficial for you.

If your partner suffers from anxiety, encourage them to speak about it.

If they don’t want to talk to you, try and get them to make an appointment with a doctor. They may prefer to see a therapist or to chat to friends or family. Sometimes, it can be reassuring for pregnant women to speak to others in a similar boat. Find out about online forums or support groups in your local area, which may be helpful.

Try and make life easier as and when you can. Take over carrying heavy shopping bags, or start ordering groceries online. Organize lift shares with other parents if you have older children. Even minor jobs can become demanding, so every little helps.

Encourage your wife to relax. Light some candles and put on some something music if she’s feeling tired. Run a hot bubble bath if she’s got aches and pains. Give her a gentle massage if she’s got a bad back.

Preparing Your Home


Getting a nursery ready is something most couples look forward to. This is a job you can do together. Chat about your ideas and look for inspiration online. Flick through some magazines and work out a plan. Once you’ve got the decorating sorted, you may also need to think about baby-proofing your home.

You can also start buying essentials for your new baby. On a day when your wife is feeling better, take a trip to some stores, and have a look around. You don’t need to buy everything in advance, but it’s good to be prepared. If the baby does come early, this will give you peace of mind.

Make sure you have nappies, onesies, and plenty of packets of wipes. Order a car seat, a Moses basket, and a supply of bottles. You’ll also need a changing unit and bag. As the due date approaches, help your partner pack their hospital bag. Make sure you’re on standby and can get away quickly. Keep your phone on you, and talk to your boss, so that they’re aware of the situation.

Hosting a Baby Shower

Baby Shower

If your partner is having a tough time, nothing will cheer them up like a baby shower. If you want to make it extra special, plan a surprise gathering. Start by drawing up a guest list. Contact all her best friends and female family members and work out a date that suits.

Once you’ve got your date, think about venues. Hosting a party at home may be tricky if it’s a surprise. You could book a local restaurant or a tea room. You could hire a community hall or look into holding the shower in a friend or relative’s garden.

When you’ve got a venue, consider your options when it comes to themes. Pink and blue are traditional choices if you already know the sex. If you don’t know, go for neutral colors like cream, white, or yellow.

Baby Gift Ideas

If you’re struggling for ideas, ask your guests for suggestions. You can also find some amazing ideas online on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Stalks, teddy bears, and bunting are common features of baby showers.

It’s traditional for guests at a baby shower to bring gifts for the mum-to-be and the baby. However, you could spoil your partner even more by adding a few gifts of your own. Has she been lusting after some final touches for the nursery? Is she bored of all her maternity clothes?

If you really want to push the boat out and show her you care, why not have a look for personalized presents? You’ll find some beautiful custom shower gift ideas on the Internet.

Let Her Rest The Day of The Shower

On the day of the baby shower, try and make sure your other half looks and feels her best. You don’t have to tell her where she’s going or what she’s doing. But she’ll want to look nice to see all her friends and family. Choose an outfit for her and book her an appointment at the salon for a blow dry. Finally, place a blindfold over her eyes and drop her off at her destination. Hopefully, she’ll love the surprise, and it’ll give her a real boost.

Pamper Your Wife

From time to time, we all could do with a little TLC. When you’re pregnant, your feet ache, and you’re tired all the time, some pampering can make a world of difference. An afternoon at the spa or even a visit from the nail technician at home can make you feel human again.

Treat your partner to a meal out or put your culinary skills into action. Let them put their feet up with their favorite TV programs or put a movie on. Sometimes, pregnant women tend to get lonely, especially when they’ve started maternity leave, and you’re out at work. Liaise with your friends and family. Get them to pop in and visit and arrange a coffee or lunch out from time to time

Take a Babymoon


With the prospect of sleepless nights looming, a babymoon is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together. When your new baby arrives, life will change dramatically. So why not enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation as a couple? If you already have kids, try and arrange childcare.

There are all kinds of options for a babymoon. You could make a full-blown vacation out of it and travel somewhere exotic for a week or two. You could book into a spa for a weekend, or you could plan a short-haul beach break. Plan a babymoon as a surprise, or let your partner choose the destination. Vacation planning will take her mind off swollen ankles and back pain and give her something to look forward to.

Get Ready For The Life Change

Pregnancy is a unique, life-changing experience. There are many highs, but there are also lows. Even the most superhuman women have days when they feel anxious, tired, or fed up. Sometimes, you won’t be able to fix the problems. There’s no magical cure for morning sickness, for example. But often, just being there can make all the difference. Support and reassure your partner.

Let them know you’re there for them, and try and make them feel special. When you’re gaining weight and you struggle to do your own shoes up, you probably don’t feel that attractive. Try and make pregnancy more enjoyable by organizing a baby shower and taking a babymoon. Help out around the house as much as possible, and try and be patient when her moods are unpredictable.

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