How to Stay Positive When Holiday Stress Starts Getting to You

For being the most wonderful time of the year, it sure can wear on your nerves. When the to-do list piles up longer than your kid’s Christmas list, it can cause you to go insane. If you find that holiday stress is starting to get to you, here are some things you can do to stay positive. 

stay positive with holiday stress

Turn On The Christmas Tunes

Unless you are burnt out on the Christmas tunes, put on some fun music that will help you get in the spirit. If you are all spirited out, then consider putting on something else that will get you going. Put on your favorite songs from the year or something from high school. 

Sit In Front of The Tree

Take a few minutes to just sit in front of your tree and remember years past. Remember what Christmas mornings were like when you were a kid or one of your favorite years. Think about what made those times special. It will boost your mood and help you remember what the season is all about. 

Make Hot Chocolate or a Holiday Flavored Drink

Get your favorite holiday drink together and take time to enjoy it. Sit down and sip it with your family or invite a friend over. Ask your spouse to just sit with you in front of the fire, tree, or window! If you are out somewhere, then sit alone and clear your mind of the stress. Let the environment take you over and spend time reconnecting with yourself. 

Cut Out What You Can

Sometimes, you will find that there is too much going on during the holidays. It might mean that you need to cut back on what you are doing. Keep your calendar in check, and if it gets too full, you may need to start saying no to some things. And that’s okay! Even if there are great things that you want to do, it is better to keep your cool. 

Spend Time Doing Something You Enjoy

Take time for yourself during the holidays. It can be so easy to get caught up doing things for everyone else that you forget about yourself. Spend some time doing something you enjoy, even if it is a chaotic time. It’s easy to forget how much you mean to others when you’re stretched too thin and don’t focus on what makes you happy. Remember, you are the reason someone smiles!

Connect With Your Family or Friends

When you get so busy, it keeps you from having time with your friends and family. Take the time to get away from your chore list and spend time with your loved ones. Have dinner together, watch a movie together, or find some other way to connect. 

During the holidays, do what you can to keep your sanity and stay positive. If you don’t watch it, you can become a huge grouch. 

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