Stop Making Excuses and Start Being Who God Wants You To Be

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Be who God Wants You To Be

I read the most interesting articles from Paul and Lori Byerly asking this question- What if everyone treated their spouse the way you treat your’s?

Paul ask in his post-

What If every couple spent as much time praying together as you and your wife do? Would we see miracles or more disaster?

What If every man complimented his wife as often as you do? Would there be more happy women, or would more women feel ignored and unappreciated?

Read the rest here- What if? A Call for Alternative Reality Marriages 

Lori says-

What If … every wife greeted her husband the way you do? Would employees clamor for reasonable working hours or would there be more workaholics?

What If … every wife encouraged her husband’s dreams the way you do? Would the world dance with creative endeavors or crawl along in the boring and mundane?

She asks more questions on her facebook page 

I could add to their questions-



What if….every couple sought to understand their spouse the way you do? Would more couples work through problems? Or would more couples end in divorce?

What if….every couple spoke to their spouse in their love language? Would more couples feel loved and understood? Or would they feel like their spouse doesn’t care and has no clue of how to show love to them?

What if…every couple was the kind of example you are? Would future generations be prepared for marriage? Or would the next generation have no hope of knowing how to be God honoring husbands and wives?


You Are an Example to Others

Here’s the thing, whether you like it or not, the way you treat your spouse is an example to others. You are either being a good example, or a poor example. The way you live your life is going to affect others…period.

We’ve got to get away from this idea that it is our life and we can do what we want to. Why do I say that? Because I think it breeds a mindset that your actions have no consequence. The reality is this, there is a cause and effect to everything you do, whether the outcome is positive or negative.

As an individual, consider how your actions are affecting your spouse, your family, friends, and society.

I like how Paul ends his article-


What If each of us stopped making excuses and grew into the husbands God wants us to be?

What If we started today?

We could easily say, what if we stopped making excuses and grew to be the couple God wants us to be? Or the wife God wants us to be? Or the parent God wants us to be?

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